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Baked potatoes with smoked cheese

Baked potatoes with smoked cheese

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Although I am not fasting, this meatless recipe is very good for lunch or dinner, accompanied by a salad.

  • 2 large potatoes or 4 smaller ones
  • smoked cheese; plain cheese, grated mozzarella or parmigiano (or grated telemea)
  • butter
  • lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Baked potatoes with smoked cheese:

-Wash the potatoes well and wipe them dry. We wrap them in foil and put them in the oven over high heat (about 1 hour). We check if they are baked.

- Take out the potatoes and cut them into 4 - put butter in the middle, sliced ​​cheese or cubes according to your preferences, sprinkle with grated cheese and put more butter on top. Wrap half in foil and put back in the oven until browned with cheese.

- We take them out and serve them with salad.


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