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Cream of biscuits

Cream of biscuits

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Cookie Cream Recipe Flavia Imperatore of 16-01-2020 [Updated on 16-01-2020]

There cookie cream it's a crafty recipe that I saw here and that immediately intrigued me. This is a no-bake spread, obviously based on biscuits. The preparation is very fast and the result is absolutely amazing: the mix of biscuits, cane sugar and cinnamon reminds a little of the famous speculoos biscuit cream that is now quite commonly found here in Italy. Smart little tip: you can use any type of biscuit, but in particular you can use this recipe to dispose of the bottoms of packets of biscuits that have been open for some time;) You can use this fantastic cookie cream simply spread on bread, or even to fill cakes and tarts, perhaps mixed with a little ricotta or mascarpone ... as long as you resist and don't eat it directly in spoonfuls: P


How to make biscuit cream

Put the biscuits in a mixer and chop finely.
Add sugar and salt and continue to blend, then also incorporate the oil.

Finally add also condensed milk and cinnamon and continue to blend until you get a smooth cream.
If it is too thick (it depends on the type of biscuits you use and the use you have to make of them) add the milk.

The biscuit cream is ready: keep it in the fridge, in an airtight jar, up to 5-6 days.

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