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Kanelbullar - Cinnamon brioscine

Kanelbullar - Cinnamon brioscine

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Kanelbullar Recipe - Cinnamon Brioscine by Flavia Imperatore of 05-01-2010 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Kanelbullar are a typical Swedish dessert, they are cinnamon brioscine very buttery and fragrant, which I had the opportunity to taste at my aunt anna's house (Swedish) .... very good! The first time I made them, I was wrong to place the brioscine on the baking sheet because they should be put as a kind of swivel and not as loaves, now I have redone them and I have positioned them in the right way: P
The smell and taste of Kanelbullar it's exceptional, freshly baked, I had the whole house that smelled of cinnamon :)
I have just returned from my beautiful trip to Paris, I was sorry not to be able to send you Christmas wishes or a good start of the year but between the Christmas celebrations at my house, then the flu and finally the New Year in Paris I had a moment for my beloved cooking blog. But now here I am pampering you with the first recipe of the year.
Having said that .... I just have to thank you for all the messages you sent me and to which I will reply as soon as possible, wish you a good start to the year and advise you to try these cinnamon brioscine as soon as you can;)


How to make Kanelbullar

Melt the yeast cube in room temperature milk.

Apart from melting the butter. In a very large bowl, arrange the flour together with the sugar and a pinch of salt and pour the warmed melted butter in the center.

Now add the milk with the dissolved yeast inside and start working the dough.

Knead the dough until it forms a smooth and elastic dough.

Let the dough rise for two hours indoors.

When the dough has doubled in volume, take it back and roll it out with a rolling pin on a floured surface forming a rectangle of dough about 3mm high.
Prepare a cream by whipping the sugar and cinnamon. Then spread it over the entire surface of the pastry

Roll the dough like a salami and cut it into slices about 1/2 cm wide.

Arrange the kanelbullar in paper cups and let them rise in the heat for another hour. Then brush with beaten egg and cover with sugar grains.

Bake the cinnamon brioscine in a preheated oven at 200 ° and cook for 15 minutes

Allow the kanelbullar to cool and then serve them

Video: Cinnamon Rolls with Sourdough (June 2022).


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