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Salmon rolls with sesame

Salmon rolls with sesame

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Recipe Salmon rolls with sesame di of 16-06-2008 [Updated on 01-06-2016]

Salmon sesame rolls are a great summer appetizer. For months now I have taken the "capata" for sushi but I never have the time to go and look for some well-stocked shop that has the necessary ingredients to ensure that I can prepare some sushi myself, so today I settled for a little smoked salmon to prepare something that at least in part could satisfy my cravings ... et voilà, salmon rolls stuffed with rocket and philadelphia, also appreciated by my almost husband who hates fish: P


How to make sesame salmon rolls

Arrange the salmon slices on a surface and spread a layer of Philadelphia.

Wash and dry the rocket and arrange it on the Philadelphia layer.

Gently roll up the salmon rolls

sprinkle each salmon roll with toasted sesame seeds until the seeds adhere to the entire surface of the roll.

Arrange the rolls on a serving dish and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving

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