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Fried dumpling

Fried dumpling

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Fried dumpling recipe of of 30-11-2013 [Updated on 01-07-2016]

The fried dumpling, whose origin is traced back to the Lombard era, is a typical Emilian recipe, it is a dough like bread dough cut into a rhomboid shape, fried in lard or oil and then stuffed with salami and cold cuts. The fried dumpling (with the article intentionally wrong as the Emilian friends suggest) is served as an appetizer or to accompany meals instead of bread, and from area to area it takes different names and slightly different preparations, there are numerous versions of this recipe , there are those who put milk instead of water, those who use lard as fat (as tradition dictates) or put butter or oil. My mom has been asking me to do it for years, every time she found a recipe for fried dumplings in a cooking magazine, she wrote it down and passed it to me to try it, so a few weeks ago I decided to satisfy her and during a culinary Thursday we started dinner with his beloved fried dumpling and luckily the expectations he had were met. Continue my tour of London, with all the decorations and Christmas lights this city has an even stronger charm on me, and it really makes me think that it is time to find the courage and get away from this Italy that is mine so tight: / I greet you and go to enjoy another day in London, this morning we go to hide park and I hope to be able to show the squirrels to Elisa, it would be beautiful, kisses to everyone and good we;)


How to make fried dumplings

Dissolve the yeast in a couple of tablespoons of warm water

Put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the center and pour in the yeast

Knead gradually adding the remaining water, then add the salt and lard and work until it forms a nice firm dough

Leave to rise for 4 hours

Resume the impact and spread it out on a surface with a thickness of 3 mm

Cut some strips of dough and then cut into rhombuses that you will gradually place on a floured pastry board

Now fry the gnocchi in a pan with plenty of boiling oil

Turn them when they are golden and puffy

As they are ready, lift the fried gnocchi with a skimmer and place them on a plate lined with absorbent paper

Serve the fried gnocchi hot accompanying them with cold cuts and cheeses

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