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Orecchiette with broccoli and clams

Orecchiette with broccoli and clams

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Recipe Orecchiette with broccoli and clams of 17-11-2013 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

Good morning everyone, if you are looking for a fish first course for this Sunday, I propose what I prepared last week, orecchiette with clams and broccoli, a divine combination! The recipe is simple and the dish is very quick to prepare and it could also be a new idea to bring to the table during these Christmas holidays, well, if I have intrigued you and you like these ingredients, try and let me know. After a gray and rainy Saturday spent changing the season, ironing and staying warm under the covers, today we go out to enjoy a beautiful sunny day and tonight, if the weather holds up, we take Elisa to see the lights of Salerno, I'm sure that you will like. What are you doing today? Kisses to those who pass by and happy Sunday


How to make orecchiette with broccoli and clams

Clean the broccoli by removing the stem and cutting everything into florets, then rinse with plenty of cold water

Put the water in a large pot when it reaches the boiling point, add salt and dip the broccoli in it, cook for 5/8 minutes

Drain the broccoli and keep the cooking water, in it you will cook the orecchiette
Brown a clove of garlic in a pan with a chilli pepper, add the broccoli and sauté for a few minutes in the pan

Apart from browning a clove of garlic with a drizzle of oil, add the clams, cover with a lid until the valves have opened
Add the white wine and turn off the heat.

Now add the clams (half shelled and half not) into the pan with the broccoli, filter the water from the molluschie and add a little at a time to the sauce.

Cook the orecchiette in the same water in which you boiled the broccoli, then drain and put the pasta in the pan
Sauté the orecchiette in the clam and broccoli sauce

Serve your first fish dish

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