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Paccheri with octopus and cherry tomatoes

Paccheri with octopus and cherry tomatoes

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Paccheri recipe with octopus and cherry tomatoes of 20-01-2017 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

Paccheri with octopus and yellow and red cherry tomatoes are one of the best seafood first courses I've made lately. Easy to make, colorful and full of flavor, just the kind of dish I like!
I have always thought that the best recipes in the world are prepared with few but genuine ingredients. Cherry tomatoes for us Italians certainly reflect one of these and for me it would be almost impossible not to make them part of a tasty first course, especially if it is seafood. Paccheri, baby octopus, green olives and a raw emulsion made with oil, capers and parsley, a dish with an intense but delicate taste.
Here you can also the video recipe that I made in collaboration with Heart Oil. A kiss and good day: *


How to make paccheri with octopus and cherry tomatoes

Clean the baby octopus and cut the tentacles into cubes.

In a pan with hot oil and garlic, sauté the baby octopus for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the cherry tomatoes into 4 parts.

Now add them to the pan with the baby octopus, mix and sauté slightly. Then add the pitted black olives.

Prepare an emulsion with oil, desalted capers and chopped parsley.

Cook the paccheri in boiling water and once drained, al dente, add them to the sauce.
Then add the emulsion raw and sauté everything in the pan.

The paccheri with octopus and cherry tomatoes are ready to be served.

Video: Octopus with spaghetti How to cook Baby octopus (June 2022).


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