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Monkfish wrapped in bacon

Monkfish wrapped in bacon

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Monkfish wrapped in bacon recipe of 03-04-2013 [Updated on 15-05-2017]

Monkfish (also called monkfish, usually when sold without head and already cleaned) is a fish with firm and delicious meat that does not have thorns, but only a central bone, I prepared it in the oven wrapped in bacon and it was very delicious. In addition to the recipe this morning I want to tell you an anecdote, my father is a diving technician and during his dives he sometimes finds himself fishing, one day when I was 2 or 3 years old at the most, he brought home a monkfish, I have a memory vivid of that day, I remember that I went into the kitchen and saw this huge fish on the ground, it was as big as the whole room, and it was facing me from the side of the tail, so I approached to see which fish it was, as soon as I saw the his face, with those ball eyes and wide open mouth I started screaming in terror calling my parents believing that he would eat me because his mouth was big. For years I thought that the monkfish was like a deep sea whale, a giant and monstrous fish and I carried with me the memory of that day when a weight frog tried to eat me, until a few years ago, my father brought a monkfish, I was disappointed to see that fish weighing only 6 kg and I told my parents about that episode and the giant monkfish, so I discovered that in reality it was my child's eyes that saw it so huge but in reality it was a fish of just 1 meter and above all he did not try to eat me at all;) Preparing this recipe made me take a dip in the past, it gave me wonderful memories and at the first taste it reminded me of the flavors of when I was a child, so thanks whale of the abyss. Good day to those who pass by here, a basin; *


How to make bacon-wrapped monkfish


To see the procedure for cleaning monkfish, click here
If you bought the monkfish already cleaned, you will only have to remove the central bone by cutting the pulp along the spine.

From each slice you will get 2 fish fillets

Remove the central spine and add the two fillets, wrapping them with the pancetta

Tie with kitchen twine.
Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, brush it with a drizzle of oil and lay the fish, then add some fresh rosemary

Bake the monkfish at 180 degrees
Cook for about 25 minutes then serve your pancetta-wrapped monkfish with a side of salad.

And here's what the fish meat looks like inside :)

Video: Mitch Tonks grilled monkfish recipe (June 2022).


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