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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

The 20 Best Coconut Dessert Recipes: Delicious and Creative Ideas Coconut is a tropical fruit that does not accept compromises: either you really like it or you don't like it at all. This gallery with 20 Best Coconut Dessert Recipes is dedicated to everyone: to its admirers, but also to detractors who, who knows, might change their minds among this greedy mix of perfect cakes for breakfast or for a birthday, treats for brunch, finger food for after dinner and ideas also suitable for children's snack. In our selection, in fact, you can find the very easy Coconut Cake and Seven Jars Coconut and Chocolate Cake, or the original Apricot and Coconut Scones and the always irresistible Coconut and Chocolate Balls. And if you are looking for a dessert for a particular occasion, we suggest the Raffaello Cake, inspired by the famous chocolates. Browse the gallery to see all the others easy recipes of coconut sweets. Beauty recipes with coconut

How to make do-it-yourself cosmetics using the precious properties of natural ingredients such as coconut oil? Browse the gallery!

The scrub at the coconut flour is ideal for the sensitive skin of the face because it is very delicate.

Here's what you need to make a good one in your home exfoliating: coconut flour, coconut oil, honey, a plastic or wooden bowl and spoon. Pour 4 tablespoons of coconut flour into the plastic bowl and add two tablespoons of coconut oil (which you can easily find in ethnic shops or herbalists), after having mixed well for a couple of minutes add 1 tablespoon of honey and continue to turn until you get a homogeneous mixture that does not run.

After realizing this scrub always remember to apply it on clammy skin and then to carry out circular movements so as to eliminate dead cells and impurities from the face without stressing the skin too much.

The product can be kept for a long time simply by adding a spoonful of Vitamin E pure: just pour the mixture into a clean glass jar e sterilize it bringing it to a boil. This way you have a gommage always ready at hand.

Just like the much loved olive oil, rich in antioxidants, which slow down skin aging,coconut oil increases the immune defenses against fungi, viruses, microbes and bacteria: this is why it is often used for counteract dermatitis, eczema, acne, rosacea, athlete's foot, candida and herpes.

L'coconut oil, unlike olive oil, it is very full-bodied, so much so that at low temperatures it comes in the form of butter and to melt it you need a little heat.

L'pure oil can replace any moisturizers for the body or face: massaged in small quantities on the moist skin of the body after a shower it is an excellent moisturizer and can easily replace the face cream if there are small irritations or inflammations thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Alternatively, if you are one of those lazy enough not to feel like it massage the oil on the body, you can pour a few drops into the bath tub: the emollient effect is however guaranteed.

Thanks to'coconut oil you no longer need to buy facial cleansers - it's great when used as makeup remover. Just take a knob of 'butter' and massage it on your face and eyes, insisting on the lashes to dissolve mascara and eye shadows and on the lip to remove all traces of lipstick. Then it is rinsed with hot water and with a microfibre cloth or a latex sponge.

Everyone knows thatcoconut oil donate shine and softness to wild hair and reinforces damaged ends. In India, Pakistan and Morocco, women have always used this oil on theirs hair.

Coconut oil is one perfect pre-shampoo 'lotion' to give vitality to the hair abused by dyes, hairdryers and plates. Just apply it on damp hair but only on the lengths, avoiding the roots and wait a couple of hours before removing everything with a double shampoo.

But thecoconut oil it can also replace i polishing spray products (especially for wavy or curly hair) when applied to dry hair in small doses with the help of your fingers. It guarantees your curls a unique shine and extraordinary styling.

We don't use much yet, but between celebrity Overseas is already a must. Leave the gym, yoga or pilates sessions, the stars can only be immortalized with coconut water in your hands: it hydrates much more than any energy drink and contains only 25 mg of sodium!

But that's not the only reason why Kate Hudson and company drink coconut water: improves skin (not only drunk but also passed with a cotton swab on the face) moisturizing and cleansing it naturally helps to lose weight because it fills and consequently reduces the appetite facilitates digestion thanks to the high fiber content reduces blood pressure and, thanks to lauric acid, strengthens our immune system.

Do you need more to decide to make coconut your greatest beauty ally?

Coconut oil is perhaps little known in Italy for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, yet there are many studies that confirm these qualities. Its content is mainly composed of lauric acid and caprylic acid. Lauric acid, in particular, kills viruses and bacteria harmful to the intestine, safeguarding the friendly bacterial flora.

During the cold winter months, coconut oil can get very hard and difficult to handle. We & # 8217ll share with you a super easy trick to solve this problem once and for all!

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During the cold winter months, coconut oil can get very hard and difficult to handle. We & # 8217ll share with you a super easy trick to solve this problem once and for all!

Sign up and get instant access to one of the Best Kept Secrets.

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3 recipes with coconut oil

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Coconut oil: the good fat

Thecoconut oil lately it is having a good publicity, both for the natural aesthetic cures and for the use in the kitchen.

Initially ostracized because food is too high in calories, the nutritional properties were then deepened by comparing them to others oils, both of plant and animal origin.

The medium-chain fatty acids of which it is made up make it useful to protect yourself from cardiovascular disease, and according to some studies it seems to have the ability to relieve the symptoms of some diseases involving cognitive deficits, such asAlzheimer's. Lauric acid, of which it is rich, also has antibacterial properties and its antitumor function.

In the kitchen in Italy it is widespread for the preparation of desserts, but in the East coconut oil is also used in savory dishes. We see 3 delicious and easy to prepare recipes.

Mixed vegetables in the oven

Excellent for frying, coconut oil has a much higher smoke point than commonly used oils and it can be used to make vegetables crunchy.

So let's try this one fry-not-fry baked with mixed vegetables and coconut oil.


One leads to another. They are the delicious Cocoa Coconut Clouds, small, easy-to-make mouth-watering bites, the perfect recipe for a cocoa-flavored snack and to amaze your guests at home. A sweet surprise for all palates: for the realization of this recipe, in fact, only gluten-free products are used.


1. In a fairly large bowl, whip two egg whites with the sugar and a pinch of salt, insist until you get a solid and consistent foam.

2. To this you will need to add the rapé coconut. Combine everything and mix well with the help of a spoon.

3. Continue until your mixture is completely blended: at this point, with your hands, you can create 20 balls. Create the shape with the help of your palms.

4. In the meantime, pour 3 tablespoons of Perugina® Cacao Zuccherato on a plate and roll your balls one by one.

5. Arrange them in a baking tray lined with parchment paper and let them cook for 20 minutes at 150 °.

6. Once ready, take them out of the oven and serve them on a tray, one on top of the other. Your Cocoa Coconut Clouds will make a greedy figure!

If you want to make homemade coconut cookies in light version try to omit butter and eggs among the ingredients and replace them with healthy alternatives that will allow you to create very good biscuits anyway. Here the recipe.

Video: Primitive Technology - Kmeng Prey - Cooking Snails With Coconut (June 2022).


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