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Here’s What We Know About the Students Trying to Grow Lettuce on Mars

Here’s What We Know About the Students Trying to Grow Lettuce on Mars

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Lettuce be clear: this could be a really exciting project.

Lettuce on Mars is a project designed by a team of students at Southampton University that aims to, you guessed it, grow lettuce on Mars, as a pre-emptive part of the Mars One landing, designed to send people to Mars by 2026. students just did a Reddit AMA, and here’s what we learned about the project:

The Lettuce on Mars team is just one of several teams trying to get their project on Mars: The Mars One project, an organization based in the Netherlands that claims will be sending a colony of volunteers to live on Mars permanently in 2026, will be sending an unmanned probe in 2018. This pre-emptive part of the Martian colony mission will be carrying a project designed by a student team. You can vote for your favorite project here.

The lettuce will be incinerated once it reaches full growth: Yes, it sounds like a bummer, but it apparently was the only way that the project could happen without disturbing the Martian surface, and also because NASA has taken considerable pains to avoid sending anything alive to Mars as part of a 1967 treaty.

The lettuce seeds would be frozen during their trip to Mars: Martian travel doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. The lettuce seeds will be frozen during their journey to Mars, and the growth of the seeds will happen entirely in space.

The lettuce would be grown using aeroponics: It’s like hydroponics, but grown in the air instead of water. According to the AMA, “we are growing these plants using aeroponics. So we are going to suspend the seedlings and spray them with a spray of nutrient rich water,” said a member of the team.

They aren’t the only ones trying to grow lettuce in space! NASA and SpaceX already have plans to use ultraviolet light technology to grow lettuce in a satellite that orbits the Earth.

5 Reasons You Need to Try The Fresh Fork

Everyone's had that moment — you're running late for that dreaded 1:30 class, all you want to do is nap and you haven't had lunch yet. You glance at Burger King but suddenly remember how you failed last year's New Year's resolution to eat healthy after just a month.

Yeah, I've been there. But have no fear — there is a solution. The Fresh Fork, a new, local food prep business, offers prepared meals for you to grab and go. From 4-7pm Monday through Friday, selected dishes are available for in-store pickup throughout the day and on Saturday and Sunday, when InBloom Juicery opens their pop-up shop in the same location.

Another option is to order online. Chefs can cook up to a week's worth of meals for you to refrigerate and take as lunches, dinners or even snacks. The best part? Mr. Delivery can bring them straight to your door.

I interviewed Stacy Thompson, The Fresh Fork's owner, and Jade Simmons, The Fresh Fork's marketing intern, and figured out why The Fresh Fork should be your go-to for healthy, homemade food.

Mundane Fantastic

The complete mesh of fantastic and realistic elements where the impossible is treated as unremarkable. The fantastic is seen as mundane not just in the sense of being a natural part of the world, but also mundane in the sense of being dull. This separates it from general fantasy where magic is real but still attracts attention. The impossible elements don't rely on consistency to maintain Willing Suspension of Disbelief their presentation as unexceptional helps keep the audience from demanding a plausible explanation. In short, unlike normal fantasy story, a Mundane Fantastic one doesn't indulge in their own fantastic elements, because they're there only as flavor. This is more often seen in Urban Fantasy because they are set in a setting that's close to our real world, just with added fantastic elements.

This attitude can often be justified as more realistic in a story where the impossible has always been possible. In our world, hackers may be uncommon, but they're perfectly plausible, so there's no reason to constantly point them out all the time or give detailed explanations of their place in reality. So the people who know that their world has only two or three wizards in every town would consider this normal too. Not that everyone knows the difference between hacking and wizardry anyway. But while hackers attract attention and interest, Mundane Fantastic wizards are unremarkable even while being uncommon, much like county clerks.

For a purely artistic standpoint, the Mundane Fantastic is a major reason why a show might be animated instead of done live. On the other end of the spectrum, there's the idea that if a cartoon is to be taken seriously it has to be serious and played straight. A Mundane Fantastic show may Jump the Shark if a new writer comes on board and decides that all the fantastic elements have to be explained to death.

Anime uses this very frequently, which probably contributes to the perception of "inherent strangeness" for that visual medium.

If the story is in a realistic setting that is recognizable as our past or present world, it's Magic Realism. Isolated fantastic elements are typically considered Unusually Uninteresting Sights.

Inspiring little Einsteins

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — When our kids grow up, if they want to land a robot on Mars or cure a deadly disease, they’ll need strong science skills, and that learning starts early.

There are a lot of reading programs that help parents support their child’s language skills, but when it comes to science, many parents are at a loss. Now a new study finds the earlier parents expose their kids to science, the better their kids do in by the eighth grade. There are simple ways parents can support their kids before they even get to school.

A story before dinner. A book before bed. Many families have established reading routines. But when it comes to science, where do you start?

A national survey of more than 1,400 parents of children three to six years old showed nine out of ten parents do educational activities at home, but only about half of parents say they do activities that involve science. Many said they weren’t confident helping kids with science. Paul Morgan, PhD, Penn State Center for Educational Disparities

Research, studies how kids learn. He says parents can look for everyday ways to engage kids starting at home.

“Get down on the carpet or on the floor and work with them,” shared Morgan.

Build with blocks like an architect or pretend to fight fires. In the kitchen, cook with kids. Measure out ingredients, talk about the sequence involved in recipes. Point out changes as food cooks.

“Why is the egg looking different as I put it into the pan under heat than when it started? Why is putting the mix in the oven and exposing it to heat, what is it we are doing and why is it doing that?” continued Morgan.

Get outside. Ask kids questions about what they see in the garden, in the nearby stream, or at a construction site. And don’t worry if you don’t know the answer.

“Being inquisitive and going through the process of you learning the information too, that's helpful as well in terms of a model for children,” Morgan stated.

Learning that’s important, not only outside the classroom, but inside too.

“Being scientifically and mathematically literate is only becoming more important. We've seen examples where a lack of knowledge around scientific topics, for example, is probably working against us as a country, whether it's about vaccines or climate change or other potential topics. Equipping children to gain a basic proficiency in math and science as our economy and society and moves towards emphasizing those skills more over time will only benefit them across their lifespan,” said Morgan.

A (Very) Short History of Voting Rights in the United States

Written by Benjamin Clanton, Government Publications

The expansion of voting rights has a long and tumultuous history in the United States, and while the journey is not over (and may never be), a number of crucial events have made voting a more inclusive right that many people cherish as one of the most important responsibilities held by American citizens. The original text of the U.S. Constitution largely left decisions concerning voting rights up to the individual states thus, the right to vote was held almost exclusively by white male property holders in the early days of our nation. However, several Constitutional Amendments have expanded the electorate since the American Civil War. In the years immediately following the war, the Fourteenth Amendment extended the vote to all males above the age of 21 and further defined citizenship rights, and the Fifteenth Amendment seemingly outlawed the denial of voting rights based on race and “conditions of previous servitude,” laying out protections for former male slaves. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment extended the vote to women, a long overdue protection finally given after a decades long struggle.

The 1960s witnessed a new era in the protection of voting rights, particularly for minorities in certain parts of the country. States in the American South, following Reconstruction in the late 19 th century, long practiced efforts to disenfranchise African American voters through things such as a poll tax and literacy tests. In 1964, the Twenty-fourth Amendment outlawed the use of poll taxes, and the following year, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 laid out protections for minority voters, working to realize the promises made by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. The Voting Rights Act has been amended several times over the past half century, extending protections to other minorities in the United States, including language minorities and voters with disabilities. Another important step to bring more people into the political conversation took place in 1971 with the Twenty-sixth Amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18 nationwide.

There are many other important moments and pieces of legislation that serve to protect voting rights in the United States, and I would encourage further research if you are interested in both the high and low points of this part of the nation’s history. The protection of voting rights in the United States continues to be a pertinent topic in our society, and will likely remain so well into the future. There are a number of questions that arise during every election cycle. Are there enough polling places to accommodate the population, particularly in urban areas? What exactly is the future of early voting and mail-in voting, both exacerbated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic? What about the disenfranchisement of felons in many states, either while incarcerated or after release? Should a person have to show identification to vote? One would hope that voting, one of the most sacred rights held by American citizens, one that countless people have fought for during the history of this country, will continue to become easier, with more and more people encouraged to use this opportunity to have their voices heard.

And this brings a reminder: please vote! It is such a privilege to be able to do so. It is important to keep up with what is happening on any given ballot. Many people only consider a Presidential election important. But there are so many elections that happen in conjunction with and in between it. Even in a year such as this one, there are other relevant things on the ballot one should be knowledgeable about. For example, as a Mississippian, I get the chance to vote on the following on November 3: President of the United States members of the U.S. Congress state Supreme Court justices a new design for our state flag and the possible legalization of medical marijuana. So, remember, being a voter is important, but being an informed voter is vital.

If you are interested in more information on voting rights, here are some links to online government resources that you can check out!


YouTube is one of the best resources around when it comes to free classes and learning. You can learn all levels of learning for any subject you can think of.

My favorite learning YouTube channels for kids are:

Crash Course Kids a bi-weekly show focusing on grade school science.

Science Channel Learn about outer space, leading scientific exploration, new technology, earth science basics, & more with these fun science videos.

SciShow Kids is focused more on younger children but is fun and engaging for all ages. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks talk about complex science concepts in a fun and simple way

National Geographic Kids is perfect for kids of all ages and has hundred of videos focusing on animals, science and more and has many fun and engaging videos.

Free School Focuses on art, music, children&rsquos literature and more and is perfect for children of all ages.

GEOgraphy Focus focuses on maps, flags, culture, languages, and travel. It also includes profiles of countries and regions, descriptions of important landmarks and geographical features, and discussion of international issues.

TheBrainScoop was made by Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago. She creates intriguing videos going to depth about things you might find in a museum. These videos are great when you can&rsquot visit a museum in person!

SciShow explores the &ldquounexpected&rdquo with each day of the week adding a new video focusing on the subjects like Wonders of the World, What&rsquos New in Science, and more.

Kids Learning Tube educates kids through music and animation in a fun and unique approach to learning.

Geek Gurl Diaries where us girls discuss, create, demo and interview all things &ldquogeek&rdquo. The coolest part is if your daughter has an idea for videos or tutorials, she could be interviewed!

Mike Likes Science This channel is a unique way to learn as all these science videos are done as music videos! Definitely one to check out!

Science Max This channel is for anyone who has ever done a science experiment and wondered &ldquoWhat would this be like if it were HUGE?&rdquo

SoulPancake focuses on the many ways people seek connection, love, hope, truth and purpose. SoulPancakes goal is to help everyone positively change the world by learning how to see the good.

Dr. Roger&rsquos Math Neighborhood Higher level math series&hellip online video series with detailed solutions to more than a thousand publicly-released College Board SAT Math, Subject Test Math Level 1, and Subject Test Math Level 2 problems.

Oklahoma lawmakers lay out plan to help Oklahomans become Real ID compliant

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Today lawmakers are addressing the massive backlog for Oklahomans racing to get a Real ID, creating headaches and long lines at DPS and tag agencies. Now, they say they’ve got a plan to get back on track.

“In this day and age, we can pretty much do anything. We can fly people to the moon. Now, we can send things to Mars. But we can’t go get a driver’s license renewed? I mean, it’s ridiculous,” said Lindley Welch, who drove to a rural tag agency to get a driver’s license.

Thousands of Oklahomans are hitting a roadblock.

“At this point, there are so many people now that are not in compliance. We are all driving around with expired licenses,” said April Crutison, who says she is still waiting to receive her license she ordered online in March.

Senate Bill 1057 was signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt on Monday, hoping to get the state back on track.

“Here we are now with a challenge before us to handle the backlog of the Real IDs,” said Rep. Dell Kerbs, R-Shawnee.

“This is a situation where Oklahomans deserve better. We are in a situation where due to the COVID crisis, due to our inability to provide enough systems, enough software, enough computers, to be able to handle the demand for Real ID,” said Sen. Chuck Hall, R-Perry.

That bill gives Oklahomans the option to extend their renewal license time from four years to eight years.

It will restore the 2020 budget cuts to the Department of Public Service bringing back more license examiners.

It will provide more equipment to tag agencies to process Real IDs.

And Real ID mega-centers are set to pop up in Oklahoma City and Tulsa this summer.

“I spent five days going to all these little, small towns in Oklahoma, waiting in line,” Welch said.

“In some cases, Oklahomans are driving two hours to get a real ID or get a schedule with a tag agency,” Kerbs said.

Hall and Kerbs say those mega-centers will be modeled off of the COVID-19 vaccine pods, hoping to keep people in the metro from driving to rural tag agencies.

But it’s not a solution for everyone, like Crutison, who says she has yet to receive her driver’s license she renewed online back in March, which she says she has already paid for, leaving her no choice but to wait.

“I literally carry around my receipt and my expired license so that if I were ever in a position where I got pulled over, I have some type of documentation that I’m aware of it and I’m working on it,” Crutison said.

Stitt’s office sent us this statement on Wednesday, saying the following:

“Senate Bill 1057 is a needed step toward making it easier to get a REAL ID or driver’s license and the governor is continuing to work with state agencies on additional solutions to fix the challenges Oklahomans are experiencing.”


Legislators say the mega-centers will cost $6.6 million to establish, but we’re told it will be no additional cost to Oklahomans.

Film Talk: Now Entering: "Days of the Whale," Grief, and Refuge

There is a group of people that exist in limbo. The immigrants, migrants, any one who has to say a Latinx, Asian, or African before they can say ‘American.’ Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to step fully into the world you hear family members sighing over? Have you ever wondered what it would be like coming of age or even being a young adult in South America? It is something I often think about. Having migrated here when I was eleven, I find I am attached to films that tell the story of what my upbringing would have been had my parents not brought me to the United States.

Barbados Underground

Planted zucchini, beets, Chinese cabbage, spinach seedlings this weekend. Reaped lettuce and chives. Sweet peppers appearing on plants. Celery looking good.

Hot pepper transplants still yellowish and struggling. Just a few baby carrots salvaged. Will plant more this week.

In the kitchen, I am now a cou cou expert but still to tackle bread.

Life is indeed interesting at present.

Bread is easy. Google a recipe and follow it.

They also have a salt bread recipe.

The problem is time. As I am a novice, the gardening is time consuming. I have to research and re-read before I work. Thanks for the links. I will use them as I did your microwave method for cou cou.

@ Donna June 29, 2020 9:02 AM “In the kitchen, I am now a cou cou expert.”

there is a story in the Sat 4 July nation newspaper about a Dr Cheryl Rock who is a food scientist in the US. she and her twin a bajan lawyer Susan Sealy will be putting on a course in food science in Bim. i thought of you and your protestations about black people and bajans not studying science when i read the story

@ Greene July 4, 2020 7:33 PM

Do you consider one person to be a lot?

I never mentioned anything about a lot and this comment was not to challenge your views. in fact i was attempting to show you that persons are perhaps doing what you wanted. who is to say she is the only one? why so defensive man?

BTW are you going to attend? and what are you view on the recent Govt non lethal PDF about combating the green monkeys

Greene I know that you did not ask me, but i read the non-lethal monkey document and it is non workable nonsense. Seemed to have been written by somebody who feels that nothing should ever die. We all die. Since the monkeys have no natural enemies, then we humans have to be the enemy. We need to kill some of the monkeys so that we humans get to eat our produce. I have been killing, principally chickens since my early teens.

We have a population of monkeys which predate on human food, the monkeys have no natural enemies, and do not understand how to use contraceptives. Are we going to wait until there a million monkeys and farming in Barbados becomes unsustainable?

This year because of drought and because of a large troupe of monkeys eating the blossoms on my avocado tree i will be lucky to get 50 pears instead of 500 or 1,000.

I have not read the document but I too believe that eventually the population will become unmanageable and will need to be culled eventually.

I love monkeys but if the choice is between their premature death and that of myself or my son, I choose their premature death. Quick and painless!

@ Cuhdear Bajan July 5, 2020 10:28 AM,

even the PDF seems to suggest that the measures therein may not work. the consensus appears to be that the only serious way to abate the situation lies in a lethal solution which the Govt seems reluctant to make happen.

@ Greene July 5, 2020 8:54 AM

That link will not work. That is local to your system. You will have to provide an external link or email to BU.

@ Cuhdear Bajan July 5, 2020 10:28 AM
“We have a population of monkeys which predate on human food, the monkeys have no natural enemies, and do not understand how to use contraceptives. Are we going to wait until there a million monkeys and farming in Barbados becomes unsustainable?”

The green monkey is not indigenous to the Caribbean. The ‘immigrant’ monkey was brought to Barbadoes on the same ships which transported the ‘captured’ people from West Africa.

Do you know the background to the presence of their relatively large numbers around Barbados?

Let’s just say that the green monkey is considered a delicacy in some West African culinary cultures including the ancestral source of many black Bajans.

Maybe the government should designate the Green monkey as the national animal of Barbados and you might see how fast those monkeys become an endangered species.

Among the headings of the opening page at GIS is a promo “How to start your backyard garden”. One can follow the links to obtain more information on methods and approaches to get a desired result. Everyone in Barbados complains about monkeys and the losses they incur because of the destructive nature of the animals. One cannot blame monkeys they will do what monkeys do but how can a Gov’t encourage people to start growing food without a national program aimed at decreasing the monkey population.

I have seen monkeys among the casuarinas at Miami beach I have seen them among homes in residential areas I have seen them in the older areas around chattel houses I have seen them in urban areas in the city and I have seen them in rural areas. If you are in Barbados and haven’t seen a monkey wait five minutes and take a photo. Humanitarian methods aimed at controlling them aint going to work, the nuclear option is best.

ECLAC Calls for Urgent Regional Cooperation beyond the Pandemic to Foster More Integration and Avert a Food Crisis

Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the UN regional commission, participated today in a conference organized by CELAC and FAO’s regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

(July 23, 2020) The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena, urged the region’s countries to implement urgent cooperation beyond the pandemic and foster greater productive, trade and social integration, during a virtual conference held today under the organization of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the regional office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Other participants in the webinar entitled Multilateral Action to Prevent the Health Crisis from Becoming a Food Crisis included Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, in its capacity as President Pro Tempore of CELAC Joseph Cox, Assistant Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Vinicio Cerezo, Secretary-General of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and Julio Berdegué, FAO’s Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean. Serving as moderator was Camila Zepeda, Director General for Global Issues at the Secretariat for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

During her presentation, Alicia Bárcena emphasized that the region is at risk of experiencing a true food crisis. She specified that more than 96 million people will be living in extreme poverty – 11.8% of all people living in cities and 29% of the residents in rural areas.

“This is a huge warning, the income of households is declining along with their access to the food basket. It is not that there is a shortage of food, it is that people do not have the resources to be able to acquire it. This comes on top of the low nutritional quality that people are experiencing, above all the poorest families,” she warned.

She added that in the region, we are in a lost decade in social and economic terms.

“This downturn will lead us to the worst crisis in a century: GDP will fall -9.1%, poverty will affect 37.3% of the population, and unemployment will reach 13.5%. In Central America and Mexico, the drop in GDP will be 8.4% with a big impact from the recession and unemployment in the United States. South America, meanwhile, will be the subregion most affected by the fall in international prices (-9.4%) due to its specialization in the production and exportation of commodities,” she said.

With regard to Caribbean countries, she indicated that while they have managed the pandemic crisis better in relative terms, they are experiencing a great plunge in tourism and have high external debt (68.5% of GDP). The GDP of the Caribbean will fall by -5.4%, she added.

ECLAC’s most senior representative added that governments have taken important measures, but they are not enough to account for the magnitude of the gap.

She explained that to confront the crisis, ECLAC proposes implementing an emergency basic income equivalent to one poverty line ($147 dollars) for six months, at a cost of 1.9% of GDP, along with an anti-hunger grant equivalent to 70% of one extreme poverty line ($57 dollars), which would cost 0.45% of GDP. The Commission also recommends longer repayment periods and grace periods for credits to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and partial co-financing of the payroll conditional support for at-risk big companies in strategic sectors expansive and progressive fiscal and monetary policies and cooperation for financing under favorable conditions.

It also proposes a political compact for a welfare State and universal, progressive and distributive social policies aimed at dismantling the culture of privilege.

Alicia Bárcena noted that to prevent the health crisis from becoming a food crisis, ECLAC proposes (in addition to complementing the emergency basic income with the provision of an anti-hunger grant) the granting of subsidies, debt restructuring and/or liquidity provision for agricultural and food-related SMEs and for family businesses, to guarantee the production and distribution chain.

Furthermore, she called for deepening regional integration through greater resilience in production networks, diversifying suppliers in terms of countries and companies, favoring locations that are closer to final consumption markets, and relocating strategic production-related and technological processes.

The senior United Nations official warned about the fragility of multilateralism and its exacerbation with the unilateral restrictions placed on the exportation of medical supplies in more than 60 countries. She also explained that in the post-pandemic period, globalization will not be rolled back, but there will be a more regionalized global economy organized around 3 poles: Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Finally, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary highlighted the importance of CELAC for expressing the region’s needs and urgencies, with a single voice, on the international stage, primarily in areas such as the search for financial support for middle-income countries under flexible conditions and guaranteeing the unfettered movement of food, medicine and goods.

More information:

· COVID-19 Observatory in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For queries, contact ECLAC’s Public Information Unit.

Email: [email protected] Telephone: (56) 22210 2040.

A lost decade in the region? Not just Barbados?

I planted a $1.52 package of okra seed on March 20. I had to give them a little water during the dry period. By July 20 when they stopped bearing I had harvested 600 okras. I gave some away. Some are in the freezer. i planted another set 3 weeks ago, so I should have some more okras soon.

The Chinese cabbage/bok choi turned our wonderfully. I harvested about 2 dozen so far, and another dozen or more are still in the garden. The seeds took a while to germinate, but once they germinated and the rains began they were so easy. I’ve chopped some, bagged it and put it in the freezer for later. Gave away some. Chinese cabbage goes well added to a pot of brown rice about 5 minutes before the rice is done. Goes well with stir fries too, and chopped in omlettes, or fried up with some saltfish, tomatoes and onions and a few cassava bakes for a wonderful “workman’s” breakfast, even if no workman is present. Lol! The sweet peppers which were planted on the same date had a poor germination. Only 3 plants have survived, but they are all in bloom now

The spinach which I planted about 4 years ago suffers in the dry season but regenerates once the rains start. It is blooming, loving the rain. I’ll start giving it away next week.

I planted some cucumbers from seed about 3 weeks ago. I will see how that goes. I haven’t seen any monkeys lately but it has been my experience that they are a much greater nuisance in the dry season when wild foods are scarce in the gullies.

I bought some hot pepper seedlings from a nursery and planted them out yesterday just before the rain. I am hopeful.

The cassava on the “plantation” [what has become of whitehill?] which was planted in January/February has survived the very harsh drought and is responding well to the recent rainfall. A few yams sprung up from I don’t know where, I guess pieces left behind from last years harvest. Will plant some sweet potatoes soon. The sweet potatoes did very well last year. A soup with okras sweet potatoes, fish and corn dumplings goes down in a very, very satisfying way.

I am glad that I enjoy gardening. During the “lock down” I did not feel locked down at all as I could still work in my garden as often as I liked. Could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and exercise. People have spoken about gaining weight during the lock down, but I lost one pound.

Funny / Adventure Time

  • Everyone's Bad "Bad Acting" when they're pretending to throw a dance party in the Ice King's cell, especially Lumpy Space Princess.
  • The Ice King has just been beaten up quite badly by Finn. While unconscious, he dreams he is flying, and ponders why no one seems to like him:

  • Jake's Big "NO!"
  • "[If I could do anything] I would pick. AN APPLE." ". Lame."
  • When Finn starts to express doubts about bringing Tree Trunks along on an adventure, Jake manages to convince him to go with it by waving his arms around and repeatedly saying "It's fine, it's fine. "
  • This scene:

  • "Watch where you're going!"
  • The Keeper gives a long explanation of the quest for the Enchiridion, and Finn easily solves the first "riddle," without even saying a word until asked how he knew what to do.

  • Doubly funny because the Keyper very obviously has a giant key tied to his head.
  • "Never. Never.NEVER!!(proceeds to kick evil guy in the crotch)
  • And then when Finn accidentally attacks the Keyper in a blind rage:
  • The same balloons (complete with angry one) make a reappearance in the episode "What Is life?", when they carry Finn and NEPTR into the mountains.
  • One of the frozen businessmen gets promoted by Finn for "taking one for the team" (letting Hot Dog Princess, a Dachshund, kiss him instead of Finn). Cue all the other businessmen trying to smooch Hot Dog Princess.
  • Throughout the episode, Finn and Jake have been gaining weight due to sitting around and eating junk food, instead of going out on adventures. When they decide to start being heroes again, Jake simply sucks his belly away via his shapeshifter abilities. Finn tries to do the same, but nothing happens, and the episode ends on his disappointed reaction.

  • Lady Rainicorn's old voice is hysterical, especially with how oddly sexual her dialogue comes off with Finn.
  • How Jake plots revenge: he calls his friend Tiffany who is a boy.
  • At the end, when Finn and Jake reconcile:

"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

  • "I'M NAKED! HIHIHIHIHIHIHI!" The Naked Wizard can appear only once and steal the whole show.
    • (puts a patch of cloud on top his head) "NOT NAKED!"

    • "Woo yeah! Force that enthusiasm!"
    • "Dang it, Leonard! If we don't talk at the same time, nobody will understand us!"
    • When Finn and Jake get offered free wizard powers:

    • The montage of citizens of the city of thieves stealing from each other.
    • The ending, where Penny convinces Finn and Jake that she's reformed. then somehow steals the clothes off Finn's back.

    • With flowers in his underwear. And he has to start over because the witch needed to record the dance (for her newsletter).
    • After getting pelted with a garbage bag full of butter, Finn goes into a dramatic rant about Jake awakening his inner "pranking demon".
    • "To the Mesosphere!" "Finally, we can die!"
      • The fact that Finn had at some point earned a blood oath from a bunch of prankster, suicidal balloons.

      • Finn's reaction to getting a single drop of seawater is to make a completely ridiculous face while doing a Slow "NO!".
      • Finn conquers his fear in order to save Jake. temporarily, at least:

      • Jake accuses Finn of not paying attention to his viola music, since Finn is sitting there with his mouth hanging open. Finn claims it's just how he looks when he listens to music.
      • When the Ice King starts to get cold feet:

        Finn and Jake go to apprehend the Duke of Nuts. Finn angrily bursts in the castle screaming "Duke of NUUUUTS!" and Jake is a little more friendly.

      • "This homeless old man looks hungry, but all I have is this little piece of sugar. Man, I'm friggin' all about sugar, but I'm even more about FEEDING HOBOS!"
      • The Magic Man in all of his jerkassery. The best moment being him disappearing in a wave of fireworks that spell out "EAT IT".
      • This part, when Finn tries to order the parts-people to work together:

        The Whywolves, who switch from being bloodthirsty to sophisticated in a single sentence. They then proceed to give a lecture on why they attack the House People, all the while sounding like an education video, complete with fitting music.

      • And the abrupt switch after he has finished the lecture, as if his suppressed wild side has finally been set free:

      • When Marceline is ordering Finn to hold down a man so she can feed on. the red from his bowtie.

      • "Conversation Parade"
      • "I'm a kick-butt reality master!"
        • "DANG, girl, if you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd wanna have your baby."

          Finn and Jake get the drop on the Ice King by hiding Jake in a can of peanut brittle.

        • Jake makes one of the soft people go "wee wee". It apparently comes out their armpits.
        • Finn:How come you never become a monster when I want you to? You're always saying, 'Not now. I have a headache.'
        • The dialogue between Spiky Mayor and his wife Sharon after finding the stolen gold. The mayor's overdramatic "Why?!" was gold.
        • Finn's reassurance of Jake that he's not sleep stealing is equal parts hilarious and creepy.

        • Black Comedy example: "Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries" falls victim to Cerebus Syndrome incredibly rapidly, going from the titular goofy premise to Marceline wondering whether her father loves her in less than a minute.
        • Marceline's dad finding out his ax has been converted into a bass guitar.
        • then again considering future events and Gunter's true identity.
        • "Gunter! Who told you you could fly?

        Ice King: No one sucks the life from my penguins but ME! And maybe polar bears, because that's just nature, Gunter.

        Ice King: (after being freaked out by Marceline's Dad) I've soiled my tunic! Completely by choice!

        • Jake plays Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". It calls over snakes.
        • Pretty much the entirety of Finn and Jake's insomnia-derived descent into madness. But especially Jake's eventual plan to get rid of The Horse:

        • Followed by the Ice King, just packing up his horse disguise, politely saying goodbye, and leaving. He apparently thought he could just walk away after all that. Finn promptly kicks his butt.

        • "Did I tell you that I like the opera? But if you don't, I hate it!"
        • When the Nice King orders Finn and Jake to break it gently to Turtle Princess that he doesn't really like her that much:

        • At the beginning, Finn and Jake's dramatic confrontation with. a tiny ladybug.
        • "Who is the one who bears the thimble?" "This dude."
        • Sir Slicer is hilariously jerky, not to mention Sophisticated as Hell.

        • Finn trying to be nonchalant while trying to find romance for his story for Jake: "Normal guy, forest guy, just like normal forest guy. (stumbles over a root)"
        • Finn trying to see if a couple of ants are in love, resulting in this:

          After Snorlock busts into Finn and Jake's house and tells them of his problems, Finn and Jake go into a "hero huddle":

        • Complete with Finn's horrified reactions throughout.
        • The pec-flexing during the guy snail part.
        • "Girl, you smell good. Did you take a bath in rainbows and cupcakes?"

        • Jake randomly shoving ice cream into a toaster for absolutely no reason. Twice.
        • "Untie me so I can beat you with that sack!"
        • "Jake's on his way to mess you up!" (cut to Jake sitting on the front stoop of the treehouse, eating a sandwich and calling out for Finn)
        • "Now it's time to power up the plasma ball. with sexy fun dancing!"
        • Jake laughing at his own corny jokefor a little too long.
        • Finn: No more games! No. More. PAJAMAS!
        • "Must… PARTY FOREVER!"
        • Jake undergoes a rigorous journey of self-discovery and growth in order to rescue Finn, partly prompted by a comment from Cinnamon Bun. His last line of the episode as he exits with Finn?

        • It's the chipper way Jake's dad delivers this line that really makes it.
        • And later: "Punch them, Jake! Punch everybody! Why not? Come on! Why not?!"
        • Later still:

        • Finn's Insane Troll Logic in carrying the tarts through the Desert of Doom because no tart thieves would expect him to go that way.
        • When Finn and Jake try to take a short-cut through a cave:

        • Finn chewing up food to feed to baby birds.
        • The Tree Witch showing off her powers by. briefly turning her arms into tree branches.
        • "You're gonna have to spend the rest of your life in this witch's butt."
        • After Finn is caught cutting some of LSP's lumps, LSP thinks he likes her and starts hitting on him, which scares away Finn.

        "The Chamber of Frozen Blades"

        • Ice King freezing the other patients in line at the hospital. including the one who was willing to let him cut ahead.
        • "Just give it to me straight, doc. am I gonna have to pay for this?"
        • "Three Jakes?! That's one too many!" Guess math isn't Finn's strong suit after all.
        • "The Ice King abducted me while I was distracted by the horrifying beauty of birth."
        • "Dear diary. and you better write me back this time!"
        • "I was at the hospital, for it turns out that Gunter was preggers!"

        • "You know, I thought painting ourselves rainbow colors using condiments and stuff from the fridge so we could pretend to be rainicorns was a good idea when you pitched it to me five minutes ago, but now I'm not so sure, man. "
        • The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Rainicorn completely fall for Jake's Paper-Thin Disguise.
        • Finn's initially horrified reaction to Soy People. turning to delight when he tries it.

        • "Uh-oh, someone's gonna do a quest for a frog."
        • Finn "testing" the piglets for evilness. with an actual pen-and-paper test.
          • And succeeding. Kind of.

            Finn's line when he and Jake are fighting the Goblin King at the beginning.

          • "DON'T YOU SEE, PRINCESS? WE WERE ALL BORN TO DIEEEEE!" Just that something so nihilistic could be said in a children's show is amazing.
          • Near the beginning:

          • B-MO's glower. So cute.
          • Finn and Jake psyching themselves to fight Bouncy Bee-only for it to instantly cut to Finn writhing in agony as Bouncy Bee stabs his body with a drill.
          • Curse this false virtual world!
            • Somehow made even funnier by the fact Jake lamely throws a rock away.

              After Finn says the conductor is too obvious a suspect because he's "weird and creepy", the conductor randomly rides in on a skateboard and says this:

              The part where Jake calls Marceline. It cuts to a split-screen conversation between him and Marceline, until Marceline crawls out of the blankets next to Jake, still in split-screen, and scares him. Finn's response is simply:

            • It's a clever joke because viewers who have their eye on Jake won't notice what Marceline's doing at first.

              Finn and Jake doing a corny blues song during karaoke:

              After Finn, Jake, and two hot dog knights enter the center of a labyrinth, they are each given one wish.

            • Jake wants to make a romantic comedy, so various scenes have characters awkwardly working the phrase "Nyeh, Check, Please!!" into the movie.

              Lumpy Space Princess freaks out when Finn knocks over the beans she was cooking.

              After Ice King gets kicked out a window in PB's castle:

              The Ice King apparently sees things with his old, wizard eyes, what he sees when he admits this is just fucking hilarious.

            • Though this is Harsher in Hindsight now that we know that the crown that causes the wizard eyes made him see visions in the past that eventually made him go insane.
            • His reaction to thirteen-year-old Bubblegum:
            • And when evil PB hurls the two through a wall, it crumbles…and it shows the Ice to have been listening in with a paper cup.

            • The montage of Finn and Jake taking pictures of the Cuties while Cute King gets increasingly frustrated.
            • Jake thinks he sees a murdered goat after the Cuties break into his and Finn's house:

              Finn and Jake realizing the Fight King's trap before they even went into the arena.

            • Finn stumbles upon a memory of the time Marceline's dad ate her fries, and while the circumstances make the incident Harsher in Hindsight note They were apparently scavenging for food in a post-apocalyptic city , it's also amusing that Finn's Chronic Hero Syndrome leads him to try and stop Mr. Abedeer. "Yo man. Don't eat those."
            • Little Marceline cheerfully telling her plushie Hambo, as she sews a new eye to his face, "I'm hurting you because I love you."
            • Marceline discovering an interesting memory of Finn's.
            • "Ash gets hungies at 8 o'clock! You need to get back in the kitchen, and make me dinner! I want a Turkey Sandwich, with tomato! Also pickles."
              • Most of Ash's lines in general:

              • "Why?! I didn't DO anything!" The immature way the Ice King whines this.
              • "Foooour weeks?" Finn's Nightmare Face.
              • "Get outta here, Bubble-Butt!" Bonus points for having the Ice King's visible butt jiggle on his way out.
              • Finn and Jake have a Let's Meet the Meat moment when they eat food from someone called Meat Man. It doesn't bother Jake at first, but that night he has nightmares about eating him. Finally comes the punchline later in the episode:

              • "You know what happens when you're burned alive?Your eyeballs explode.Bagh!
              • "Hey, guess what, guys? You're grounded!Underneath my butt! HAAHAHAHAHAHA!"
              • His attempts to convince Scorcher to leave Finn and Jake alone, from bribing Scorcher with "night-vision X-ray goggles, for when you have the ladies over!" to trying to convince him to take out one of his "least favorite princesses" instead.
              • His Look Behind You with Scorcher.
              • "This castle is. in. Unacceptabllleee. Conditiiiiiiooon. UNACCEPTABLLLLEEE. " - That's Lemongrab's first line. That's the FIRST thing he says, which sets the tone of what his character is like: loud, neurotic, and deranged, even if he doesn't know any better.
              • The way Lemongrab randomly raises his arms over his head and yells "MMLLUUUUUUUGH!" at Cinnamon Bun in the beginning. It's in these moments that the audience realizes that Lemongrab isn't a jerk- he's a "special" jerk.
              • After yelling at Princess Bubblegum, Finn jumps up and slaps Lemongrab's hand, reprimanding him like a mom would reprimand her bratty kid. Lemongrab's eyes suddenly widen, and he glares at Finn, shouting "HHHHHOOOOOOOOO?!" Finn cringes with the most priceless "What the hell?" look on his face. Lemongrab purses his lips and keeps glaring at Finn, then he gasps, and pretends like nothing ever happened. A lot of the things LG does without even saying anything are hilarious.
                • As LG is screaming "TOO YOUNG! TOO YOUNG TO RULE THE KINGDOM!", look carefully at Finn's face. That expression is priceless, too. It's like a combination of a grimace and a cringe. There was no better way to portray Finn's annoyance, confusion, and uncomfortableness.
                • Especially with his voice&mdashhe sounds like an awkward teenager.
                • Even the most mundane things he says are hilarious, because of the odd enunciation and volume/pitch changes: "Aaaaaie am next in line too thee throne! Sooou. I will be in charge. UNTIL PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM turns. EIGHTEEN AGAIN!"
                • The way he whimpers on the floor, curled up in a Troubled Fetal Position, coughing pitifully. A hilarious contrast to the charismatic, screaming loony we previously saw. It's one of those scenes that's so unexpectedly sad that it's impossible not to laugh.
                • And the unsettlingly awkward way he tries to laugh it off, in the most broken, unnatural laugh, with the most ridiculous, big smile. "Ha ha ha!" *coughs a horrible-sounding cough into his fist and winces in pain* "GOOD ONE! KEEP 'EM COMING! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Hoo! Ha. Hahahoooow ow! OOOH!"
                • There was an unused scene which takes place just after Lemongrab gets punched and pushed down. (No, it does not make any more sense in context.) Lemongrab takes a rice cake out of his pocket and smiles in a genuinely gleeful manner. then starts licking the rice cake all over with an overly-long, snake-like tongue. He says: "Jealous of my rice cake, little ghost pranksters?", then makes a face that's as close to Trollface as Lemongrab could make, and continues licking his beloved rice cake. As he's doing so, and giggling to himself, Finn and Princess Bubblegum look at each other. "I don't think that worked out too well, either," PB says to Finn.

                • The episode opens with Finn and Jake randomly breaking out into a Boastful Rap, which ends with Finn yelling "PIZZA!" for some reason.
                • "This'll be as easy as. um. " "EASY AS CHILDBIRTH!" "Yeah, okay. "
                • LSP's wolf-story:

                • Lumpy Space Princess trying to apply teen gossip drama to the family of wolves that was raising her.

                • "I have powers TOO, you BUTTS!"
                • The wizard and his cats.
                • The Ambiguously Gay Abracadaniel. "Turn, and push! Turn, and push!"
                • "WHAT?! You turned me PINK, bro!"
                • Peppermint Butler singing.
                • From the end:

                • Prince Gumball's memetic "SO. VERY. LARGE." line, complete with appropriate face expressions and hand gestures.
                • This exchange between Fionna and Ice Queen:

                • The fact that the Ice King blatantly said "fanfiction" just made it twice as funny. Who would even think the show would get meta enough to use that word?
                • Let's not forget the end of his story:

                  When Beemo gets his controller stolen:

                • The fact that Jake's obviously been slaving over it forever, and it actually looks pretty good, but he abandons it quickly enough as soon as Finn starts chanting.

                  When the gang announces their mystery names:

                  We have LSP trying to become beautiful by using a potion that turns one's lips gigantic.

                • Jake declaring that he's only going along with Finn in order to be "Disruptive and obnoxious!"
                • This scene:

                • "Paging Dr. Ice Cream. ice cream for my mooouth!"
                • Jake is initially convinced that everyone is off planning a surprise party for him, and he and Finn try to act unaware. Badly.
                • When Finn chastises the deer that broke his legs, the deer reacts by licking his groin in Finn's general direction.
                • Delusional!Jake is equal parts hilarious and creepy, from holding a puppet show surprise party to pretending to talk on the telephone with himself.

                • "I'm listening, but I'ma keep eating!"
                • "I've found this note stabbed to my door. man."
                • The fight scene:

                • The ice golem's "don't be noticed, don't get involved" expression while sneaking past Finn and Jake's fight with the Ice King.
                • The alarm clock bird, and the way it gets clobbered every morning.
                • Ice King's little freak out when Finn and Jake finally get the upper hand in their fight against him. "HELP! SOMEBODY HEEEEELP!"
                • "You know, maybe we could all learn a thing or two from those sandwiches."

                  Finn's claim that they won't have to worry about the Banana Man, as he'll just hit the sun if he keeps walking toward the horizon.

                  Finn sees Marceline naked. His reaction is priceless.

                • The next scene, where the two are Properly Paranoid, features Jake wearing a Modesty Towel in the shower, then putting on a second one when he gets out.
                • "Pete, just stop winking."
                • Finn using books to save Jake from the Moldos. using themas a blunt instrument, that is.
                • Jake admits he's going to give up on reading about rainicorn history for now, saying "I was reading the same paragraph for, like, eleven minutes."

                  This hilarious exchange between Jake and Joshua

                • Said demon (whose name is Kee-Oth) shows up again at the end of the episode, citing a demonic law allowing him to tear off "Joshua's" 'love handles' if he doesn't give him back the blood used to make the sword. Jake just nonchalantly plays the clip of his father reciting the spell to banish Kee-Oth again.

                  At the beginning, when Beemo promises to watch Finn while Jake is out.

                • Finn spends about twelve seconds straight molding and stretching Jake's face while begging him for help tracking down Flame Princess.
                • In one scene:

                  Finn and Jake watch BMO do strange things in their bathroom while teaching his Imaginary Friend Football about being human. At one moment, he pretends to use a toothbrush.

                • BMO demonstrates "peeing" by sitting on the toilet seat and pouring water into it.
                • It also appears to be a male cow, given its voice.
                • Even funnier because when she says it PB's mouth is shaped like Wallace's when he's talking about cheese.
                • Before that the Ice King smells his own odor and assumes it's coming from Gunter. He attempts to remedy the situation. by putting Gunter on an ice floe and sending him out to sea. When Gunter comes back he's understandably pissed.
                  • Even better &mdash Ice King assumes the smell is Gunter farting, before concluding it's his own BO. At the end, after everything's settled, he tucks Gunter under his arm, and not even two seconds later Gunter cuts one.
                  • And then it gets better when Finn and Jake finish their ultimate high-five out of nowhere and they win instead.

                  • Finn's underwhelming attempt at mimicking Jake's acrobatic stunts.
                  • The flashback to Finn's overly-long fingernails.
                  • "I'm gonna take a nap while you grow out your fingernails."
                  • "Try to stay calm! Greet your fate with dignity. " Then the two flies start freaking out.
                  • Finn's reaction to Ed spinning a web.

                    When Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks's public displays of affection disrupt Bubblegum's concert:

                  "Return to the Nightosphere"

                    ANYTHING involving the jail guard.

                  • "Let's bury the hatchet! See how I'm not killing you?"
                  • Jake's line "Ow! My hippocampus!" as the explanation for how they lost their memory forced me to pause and just reflect on how hilarious that line was.
                  • The scene where Marceline proceeds to offer "Pain, Pleasure, or Weird Punishment" as the new Lord of Evil.
                  • The part where the guy who berated Finn and Jake for trying to cut was not let back in line:

                  • During the Iris Out to the bear's party, Jake quickly blurting out "I knew it."
                  • When Bubblegum reveals that no one actually mistook the bear for Finn, Jake (who was convinced the bear was trying to steal Finn's identity) is in the background looking nervous and literallyshrinking back.

                  • Finn is weirded out by the Hug Wolf's heart-shaped paws: "Is this an extra butt?!"
                  • "And don't tell me it's cuz I have repressed emotional feelings for Cinnamon Bun!"
                  • This exchange:

                  Gumdrop dad: GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER YA HAIRY TEENAGER!

                  • "Somebody broke into my house and stole my lumps!"
                  • Jake's nonchalant reaction to LSP assuming the thief is making out with her lumps: "Heh, heh. gross!"
                  • When Finn and Jake faint at the sight of Princess Monster Wife, Ice King assures her "They're our limp, sleepy children!"
                  • The Ice King's song. The lyrics and atmosphere are heartwarming, but its execution is hilarious. He's singing to a tape recorder playing a cheesy, pop ballad song, and he even has back-up vocals on a different tape recorder.
                  • The Ice King makes his wife a dress using a sewing machine. Then he sews a sock to it. Then he sews an empty pizza box to it. Then he sews his BEARD to it.
                  • All of the Ice King's names for his penguins turn out to be variants of "Gunther".
                  • The penguins freak out when one of them throws up after PMW blows him a kiss.
                  • The "normal people" on the Ice King's TV.
                  • "Lady parts."
                  • PMW giving Turtle Princess's head to LSP.
                  • Muscle Princess kisses her arm after getting it back.

                  • Peppermint Butler, for no apparent reason, was buried under Finn and Jake's lawn. He popped out to tell them that the princess had a message. It was never explained why Pepbut was buried underground. Finn and Jake were just as confused as us. Perhaps he tunneled there.
                  • The creation of Goliad in the flashback:

                  "Beyond This Earthly Realm"

                    When Finn and Jake first find the sheep statue:

                    After Finn overhears that Ice King tricked him, he just says, "Dude, come on, what?", as if not even surprised. Ice King then explains his plan (it being that he made Finn trap the monsters so Ice King wouldn't see them anymore) and says that since Finn is trapped in the spirit realm, Ice King is the only friend Finn will ever have. Then this exchange takes place.
                  • "Heeeeeeeeey, Jaaaake! Is Finn hooooooome?" Cue Jake turning away with a deadpan "Euw. "
                  • LSP wearing a Squeezy Mart shopping bag and caked-on lipstick (which was actually the juice from a fruit pie!)
                  • LSP half-conscious and drooling on the couch.
                  • "Heeeeeeeey, Girl!" "HEEEEEEEEEEY, GIIIIIIIIIRL!"
                  • The title card. Sexy, busty LSP reclining on a couch.
                  • Turtle Princess's voice. Steve Little has fine-tuned her voice to the funniest, lowest, crackiest voice imaginable.
                  • "THESE LUMPS ARE NOT FOR SALE, BILLY!" Cue LSP throwing a fruit pie at a vulture in a tree. Turtle Princess later goes out on a date with the vulture.
                  • LSP stripping off her bag-dress and swinging it around like a stripper.
                  • While going on an adventure, LSP struggles to lift. two small rocks, as Jake (who has shapeshifted into a box with legs) is carrying the rest.
                  • LSP accuses a swarm of ants of trying to get her lumps.
                  • While on an adventure, LSP gets a call from Turtle Princess, who tells LSP that she thinks the vulture is cute, and she wants to ask him out.
                  • LSP's ringtone- it's Turtle Princess saying "Heeeeey, Giiiirl!"
                  • LSP trying to be sexy for Finn, who totally ignores her.
                  • Finn and Jake taking pity on LSP and letting her work as their "Adventure Secretary."
                  • After Finn and LSP exchange a genuinely sweet, heartwarming few words about inner beauty, Jake loses his cool and yells "LSP, you're wearing garbage for clothes!!" LSP blissfully floats out of the window, ignoring him.

                  • A rogue cookie is hell-bent on taking Princess Bubblegum's crown, and he starts taking hostages. Princess Bubblegum offers him "a really big cowboy hat" instead, which he promptly refuses.
                  • Finn's battle-cry. "ALVIN'S HOT JUICEBOX ALVIN'S HOT JUICEBOX!"
                  • Jake's fake back-story for himself about being a milkman who wants to be a mailman.
                  • The Poo-Brain horse disguise, complete with protruding tongue and dilated pupils, is back in all its majestic glory! Made even funnier due to the fact that you can tell it's a trap: there's a prominent yellow ring around its middle with an arm holding a spear sticking out, making it obvious that a Banana Guard is in the suit.
                  • Baby-Snaps's reaction to his hilariously Bungled Suicide.

                  • For bonus points, the scene where Baby-Snaps actually falls to his "death" was depicted in a very poignant way, so seeing him mangled and shattered, but still alive and conscious makes for extreme Mood Whiplash.

                  • "Hmm. no, it says here I can floop the Pig. See?"
                  • Finn's troll-face when he keeps winning despite being a total beginner.
                  • Jake's temper tantrum when Finn manages to steal control of one of his most powerful monsters.
                  • When Finn goes to talk to BMO about Jake's obsession with the eponymous game, he is surprised to find the robot jumping from out of nowhere and chopping his head.

                    After Magic Man transforms the deer from "No One Can Hear You" into a telescope and tosses it aside, deliberately not reversing the spell, his jovial, nonchalant response is hilarious:

                  • Jake's "Bacon Pancakes" song.
                  • Princess Bubblegum lets herself into Finn and Jake's house to collect taxes.
                  • Jake's Dream Sequence when he falls asleep during Princess Bubblegum's lecture

                  • Jake randomly applying women's makeup to his face. Including a swirl of lipstick on his face.
                  • Watching Beemo pretend to be a gritty detective is hilarious and adorable at the same time.
                  • Beemo "interrogating" a remote control.
                  • "I feel like I got hit with. a Dracula. by King Kong."
                  • "Our chicken's name is Lorraine?"

                  • Phil randomly pops out of Peppermint Butler's back and shouts "SATORI!" in a high-pitched voice while throwing a spoon at Finn's head.
                  • When Finn and Jake are reunited in the dream:

                  • "I'll use my BALLBLAMBURGLURBUR!"
                  • Jake's reaction to Rainicorn reveals to him that she's pregnant. He has a ridiculous mixture of shock, horror, and bafflement on his face as he gasps out the final line of the episode in a strangled voice:

                  • Although it becomes a lot less funny when you learn what she's talking about: a recurring nightmare where zombies attack her family. Knowing Adventure Time, this was deliberate.

                  • The fact that Princess Bubblegum asked for three candy people to volunteer to live with Lemongrab, and they responded by assembling an ANGRY MOB!
                  • All those noises Lemongrab makes. There's no way to spell them. He just opens his mouth to say meaningless, stuttering syllables.
                  • Lemongrab's self-revelation, and Starchie's response:

                  • The calm way in which PB tries to deal with the situation.
                  • When Lemongrab says "The earl of nothing," it sounds more like "The urrrrrrrl. " And when he says that, the pitch of his voice lowers about two octaves. He didn't even sound like LG.
                  • The promo art. It shows the Pup Gang pelting a basketball at a poor, squished-looking Jake, who looks completely startled and is farting.
                  • Crunchy is either a full grown Candy Person or a baby with the voice of a gruff old man. It's hard to tell which one makes the scene funnier.
                  • A note on the above example. Even funnier is that closed captioning reveals that Lemongrab doesn't say "Lemon Styles." He says "Lemon Stylez". How Gangsta of you, Lemongrab!
                    • Lemongrab IS gangsta. The dialogue is actually written as "lemon stylez" and "candy stylez" in the original storyboards.

                      The Train being beaten by the Farm.

                    • Finn's use of Deadly Dodging, which leads to Jake slapping his own butt in an effort to get at Finn.
                    • When Finn hides in a hollow log, Jake dramatically stretches his head in to get at him, making a creepy face as dramatic music plays. then Finn turns around and punches Jake as the music cuts off anticlimactically:

                    • Two flame people pointing to each other with one hand and shouting "U! U! U!" and the other two flame people pointing with two hands to each other shouting "W! W!"
                    • Finn does another time when shouting random words confuse people like in "Princess Cookie", only this time it's this gem:

                      The leader of the mud scamps is pretty amusing, with his tendency towards malapropism and going on tangents.

                    • Also, the part where the Ice King is leaving to get a new wishing eye. He tells Gunther to try not to break anything while he's out, and seconds later, Gunther is smashing the contents of the Ice King's refrigerator on the floor.
                    • Which comes back around in the ending when Ice King decides to not tell how he escaped Wizard City to be mysterious as per Jay T. Doggzone's advice.
                    • How does Ice King punish Gunther for his terrible crimes? By squirting him with a water spray bottle.

                      Ice King singing his own version of Marceline's song from "It Came From the Nightosphere"

                    • Gunther suffering a Jaw Drop and dropping his popcorn and soda on the floor upon seeing the Ice King in a huge black wig.
                    • Finn and Jake awkwardly leaving after Marceline agrees to let the Ice King hang out.
                    • And then he says he sort of likes it. "Kind of freak-ay."
                    • And then when the gems are arranged within the Enchiridion, it turns out they didn't even need LSP's star.
                    • The scene is lightened at least a bit by Finn and Jake's Epic Fail at sneaking into her room.
                    • Big Destiny would probably be considered a depraved sociopath if he wasn't so damn entertaining to watch.
                      • First he lampshades Offscreen Teleportation when he goes from burning down a village from the top of his mansion to burning Finn's house down in the farmlands.
                      • Finn and Jake seem to think a book of nursery rhymes is a Tome of Eldritch Lore. This leads to them spending the rest of the episode sticking their thumbs into stuff while chanting "Oh, what a good boy am I!"
                      • Tree Trunks accidentally bumps into a statue that has a single fist raised, back-of-hand to observers, and runs off to report the perceived offense to the police. It later turns out Shelby (the worm that lives in Jake's viola) was reading while relaxing on the statue's fist, and called down to Tree Trunks from a vertical position in the middle of the fist.
                        • Tree Trunks trying to get together an angry mob. consisting of Cinnamon Bun and two gum-drop girls. Armed with pantyhose and stockings full of balled-up newspaper.
                          • When the mob tries to confront the statue, Cinnamon Bun puts on the pantyhose and dances instead of using it to fight.

                            Finn and Jake pretending to be a "real" dog and owner is as hilarious as it is adorable.

                          • "C-listers, go back in the bag!"
                          • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene of Mini-Finn riding on Mini-Lemon Camel while Mini-Lemongrab chases them.
                          • Finn experiments a relationship with himself and Flame Princess, and then throws Princess Bubblegum into the mix. Hilarity Ensues.

                          • When Finn initially drops Bubblegum between himself and Flame Princess, she turns to Finn and then to Flame Princess as though considering her options, and then stares straight ahead whistling.
                          • Mr. Cupcake and LSP. With LSP flaunting her lady lumps.
                          • Turtle Princess spanking Zergiok's butt non-stop.
                          • Marceline licking Peppermint Butler constantly.
                          • Ice King and Beemo.
                          • Something tells me the writer paired a few of these for a sort of Ascended Fanon, as if some parts of the fanbase were shipping these pairs.

                          • When Jake refuses to read any more of "Baby-Eating Fox and the Babies" to his kids, T.V. pouts and throws a rubber duck at him, knocking Jake's hat off. Jake then uses his shape-shifting powers to grow his head into the shape of a hat, smiling serenely as he does.
                          • The Foxes deciding to eat babies after reading "Baby-Eating Fox and the Babies."
                          • The look the butterfly gives Jake when he tells his kids it might have "too much germs".
                          • Jake's Flashback:

                          • The Banana Guards making police siren noises and doing Airplane Arms as they arrive to break up a fight between two of Finn's fans.
                          • Finn, in disguise as Davey Johnson, rubbing his stomach to adjust his voice.
                            • Not just rubbing his stomach &mdash he was manipulating the computer he swallowed that lets him autotune his voice when he sings. The Brick Joke's, they just keep coming.
                            • The mustache talking back after Finn ditches his Davey identity and attaches the mustache to a candy horse's butt.
                            • "Hold tight your buns, if buns you do hold dear!"
                              • During this part, the Ice King is giving the earl the most priceless "What the hell is your problem, you psycho?!" expression. Let's go over that again: even the ICE KING thinks Lemongrab is a total freak!
                              • As LG yells the aforementioned line, he's turning his head around like Pinocchio to read the words on the wall behind him. Cue everyone giving him funny looks.
                              • And the fact that makes it all funnier is that the characters didn't come to life at all. The book itself did.
                              • Despite having no arms.
                              • And when Ice King tries to cheer him up by saying he's gonna throw in his Fionna & Cake fanfiction instead, Shelby just gives a pissed off expression. For a bonus: cue Lemongrab saying Ice King is useless now and must be destroyed.

                              • The completely bizarre appearances of the Lemongrabs's children. What. why does one have butt-wings?!
                              • "FIX THE DOOOOOOR. "
                              • "NOOOOOOOOOO CRUUUUUUUUUUMBS. "
                              • Jake's reaction to seeing the little screaming guy with the peeling face.

                              • The funniest part of this screenshot was written by a background designer on the show, and it reads: "I feel bad for those who try to read the thoughts of my sour brain noodle, because no clues are to be found to my origin or my future."

                              • "First one in the water is. um. first one in the water!"
                              • "Hats can be anything: pants, other people. it's fine!"
                              • BMO smacking Finn on the butt after Little Dude ruins the dinner he made for Finn and Jake.

                              • Lumpy Space Prince looking and sounding exactly like Lumpy Space Princess. except with a small peach fuzz stache.
                              • Marshall Lee summons an army of frightening skeletons. and then one of them starts beatboxing for him. Cue Boastful Rap.
                              • This entire sequence:

                                Flame King interrupting Finn and Fire Princess's card game:

                              • Xergiok breastfeeding his birds, complete with Finn and Jake's shocked, wordless reactions.
                              • Xergiok's Progressive Rock song with its Disney Acid Sequence.
                              • At the end:

                                Simon and Marceline find a video tape in the ruins. Simon asks Marcy if she wants to watch a movie. He then holds up the tape, looking at it a moment, then:

                              • A meta example is Marcy's reaction to the first time he does it, which is probably a Lamp Shade Hanging of the fact that many younger viewers will not get the Cheers reference.
                              • And then she hits the "mute button". Cue Simon mouthing words as though he's been muted.
                              • Even weirder/funnier is the moment where PB pulls her own hand away and says, "No." As if her own hand was trying to slip her some tongue without consent or something.
                              • (Princess Bubblegum bends down in front of Ice King) "Hey, are you prayin' to me? I'm into this! (PB lifts up Ice King's robe and gets it stuck on his crown, exposing Ice King's body.) I'm still into this. (PB shoves him to the ground.) . Stillintoit. "
                              • Rasheeta saying that he foresaw Finn's arrival in the tea leaves, the newspaper named Tea Leaves.
                                • The text in said newspaper&loz makes for a nonsensical and hilarious Freeze-Frame Bonus.
                                • Depressing though it may be, Old!Finn's rambling and expressions on his deathbed are absolutely hilarious.
                                  • For example, after Finn's kids say they love him, Finn gives us this:
                                  • Also earlier Finn is out chopping wool, wool trees. Also when he chops one tree down, it falls on a pillow sheep, the tree bounces off the tree and the sheep just shakes its head like nothing happened. Then what Finn does to it is pretty funny too:

                                  • At the end of the episode, the Bubble asks for BMO's hand in marriage, but Jake pops it. BMO's reaction and Finn and Jake's reaction to his reaction are cruel but funny.
                                  • However, the Bubble lives on, as air. It starts as a Heartwarming Moment, then turns into. something else.

                                    The Running Gag with arrows coming from off-screen to hit Jake. It turns out to be the red squirrel from season 1.

                                  • Jake making a large number of appropriate signs, at least for the beginning of the day, while Finn only managed a few which don't apply to much of anything. This leads to an annoyed Finn scowling while holding up a sign that says "I LOVE YOU, JAKE".
                                  • The fact that BMO somehow knows bikini girls who can fly.
                                  • Jake's little adventure behind the wall while looking for BMO has him encounter a cartoony spider, a family of napping mice, and a sad little man on a typewriter.
                                  • Finn being chased and smacked by bikini girls, and having the appropriate signs on hand. "OW OW HEY HEY"
                                  • The ending, where Finn, Jake, and BMO dance with the bikini girls, and then the Party God shows up out of nowhere.

                                    Finn talks to Jake about Braco.

                                  • After Braco predictably fails to impress her, he cheerfully smashes the soul stone with a smile on his face. "WHY WON'T SHE LOVE ME. "

                                  The Party's Over, Isle de Senorita

                                  • Ice King considering Princess Bubblegum his girlfriend.
                                    • Not to mention him duct taping her at the beginning, claiming it's a surprise.
                                    • Finn and his primitive noise band. All the funnier since it's his only scene of the episode.
                                    • The Flying Lettuce Brothers use their skills of vocal mimicry to get the clerk at a convenience store to empty out the register and hand the money off to them. The Apathetic Clerk hates their job so much they just roll with it, not even looking at the Lettuce Brothers as they hand off the money.
                                    • Jake says that he stopped stealing because when you get older you're supposed to get into other stuff like graphic design or pottery, which sounds like a friendly Take That! against Jake's VA's other most well-known role.
                                    • The Banana Guard Captain gets a face-full of banana-flavored milk: "Noooo, the Forbidden Flavor! It's. delicious."
                                    • Tiffany's, "Jake, I love you! I love you!" After he got caught by Jake while they were trying to escape in a van.

                                    Another Five Short Graybles

                                    • Cinnamon Bun freaking out over Princess Bubblegum taking his night light away, as well as his subsequent rampage over being unable to sleep without it.
                                    • Although the last parts of the Lemongrab sketch were rather intense, this troper couldn't help but laugh when Lemongrab 2 wanted their doll, Lemonsweets, to go to bed, but instead, Lemongrab wanted to make the doll dance. LG 2 gets up and walks over to a cabinet where they keep little hats for Lemonsweets. He takes one out, examines it, turns around. to find Lemongrab hunched over the doll, still making it dance. The fact that he's flopping around his hands really fast, causing Lemonsweets to look like it's spazzing out more than dancing, and that Lemongrab is staring at Lemongrab 2 the whole time while he does it in what looks like a mixture of hatred and suspicion makes it all the more hilarious.
                                      • Even though the final scene of Lemongrab eating Lemongrab 2 is absolutely horrifying, it's kicked off by Lemongrab making one of his all-time shrillest, most ear-splitting noises in the series (and coming from this guy, that's saying a lot):

                                      • Finn and Jake screwing around with some cats in the begining of the episode.
                                      • Bubblegum giving the panicked LSP a calming injection. from a needle about three times bigger than Bubblegum herself.

                                      • Later PB arrives with the password to get through the wall which she got from Ice King. However, it has to be in his voice so she plays the entire tape of her interrogating him to get it. The entire tape is hilarious.
                                      • Finn jumps off the roof of his tree fort and breaks his fall with Jake's crotch. That fence didn't stand a chance. To add insult to injury, BMO runs up and hit Jake's crotch with a piece of wood afterwards.
                                      • Jake making Finn do his "Tough Tooting Baby" song and dance in front of Flame Princess's family. With sandwiches stuffed in his underwear. Jake is controlling Finn's body so Finn is visibly upset and sweating.
                                      • When Jake visits Lady, it's revealed that T.V. is the only one of his pups not to have their own apartments. He gives off that sort of "nerd still living in his parents house" vibe, especially when he's on a computer with a bowl of chips. His suggestion for how Jake could win the bet is also humorous.

                                      • The SMO's in the break room trying to drink coffee and eat donuts with their screen faces.
                                      • The scene where BMO is connected to an SMO and the SMO vibrates. HARD.
                                      • Finn expresses his concerns about the reinstallation process wiping BMO's memories:

                                      • Bubblegum being woken up by a cukoo-alarm clock with the top half of a cat instead of a bird.
                                      • Princess Bubblegum demonstrates how to resist sleeping gas to her elite protectors. Unfortunately, she demonstrates it while gassing them and everyone falls asleep. Except Cinnamon Bun who's apparently too stupid to be knocked out.
                                      • Marceline threatening to bop Princess Bubblegum.

                                        Flame Princess burning Ice King's underpants in their first fight. He smartens up and gets fireproof ones afterwards.

                                      • The little lemon-elf guard who is responsible for looking at passports. He stares at FINN'S passport in total confusion, grunting with effort (in the most adorable way imaginable,) glancing back and forth from Finn's passport to PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM and back to Finn's passport. Princess Bubblegum irritably says, "The OTHER one," and shows the lemon child her passport, prompting the lemon guard to become very surprised and let out a little, strained "Oooohhh!" The whole exchange was just adorably funny.
                                        • Finn using Kilroy as a passport signature.
                                        • Finn and Princess Bubblegum trying to get past the flame guards. Turns out all they had to do was say why they need to get through.
                                        • Any moment with Cinnamon Bun that's not a Heartwarming Moment:
                                          • "Wanna pet my dog? He lives at my house."
                                            • The fact his dog is apparently a giant sponge with a mop head on top.
                                            • "Plz feed my dog"

                                              Jake criticizes Magic Man's hastily-constructed riddle.

                                            • Finn was apparently some sort of blob thing in a past life.
                                            • The Bath Boy Gang Leader mispronouncing "amulet" as "omelette", as well as his reaction to Shoko correcting him.
                                            • Shoko's casual description of her awful parents, and how she doesn't even realize they were abusive.

                                            • The fact the Princess Bubblegum answered the phone in a German accent. And came all the way over to the tree house in her pajamas.
                                            • Ice King's eagerness to marry the Slime Princess.
                                              • And Jake's annoyance that he keeps getting involved.
                                              • And BMO's laugh track.
                                              • The way Finn evades Slime Princess's spooning efforts while yelling "NOOOOOOOOO!!"
                                              • "There's one more trial after crooning and spooning&mdashsmooching. . I'm sorry it doesn't rhyme with crooning and spooning."
                                              • Finn starts the episode sad and philosophical. And asking himself questions like "What is the meaning of'soup'?"
                                              • BMO's reaction to the anticlimax of Jake's struggle to get rid of the corn chip stuck in his teeth, obviously intended to mirror the audience's reaction to the anticlimactic A-plot: "This is unsatisfying!"
                                              • The fight breaking out between all the cats.
                                              • Finn realizing that the "kingdom" was really just a bunch of cats playing in boxes after spending the entire episode taking it dead seriously. Then the episode ends with the cats piling onto him and cuddling/kissing him. It's as funny as it is adorable.

                                                There's something hilarious about how Jake's reaction to Marceline trying to eat him is to try cooking her.

                                              • And how nonchalant she is about it afterwards. You'd think she just drank someone else's orange juice instead of, you know, sucking out their vital fluids and possibly killing them if not for their Bizarre CandyPerson Biology
                                              • The fact that Ice King is still living with Finn and Jake.
                                              • Bubblegum's lizard doppelganger being chased by a mob of candy people.
                                                • The crazy conspiracy theories about Bubblegum being replaced by an evil lizard proven by BMO demanding that she eat a bug.

                                                  Jake getting irritated by the Ice King mooching off them to the point of eye-twitching and contemplating murder.

                                                  Finn getting an unwanted look at some risque tape Jake made for Lady Rainicorn. Twice.

                                                • The second time, Finn has Lady promise he's not going to see any more weird Jake videos. She does, and the first thing that happens.

                                                  James in general. He's just so goofy and he always does random sound effects for no reason. It helps that he's voiced by Andy Merill, the voice of Brak.

                                                • Root Beer Guy narrating out the episode.
                                                • Root Beer Guy having to invoke Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking when he calls the Banana Guards. When his breathless extended confession that he kidnapped Princess Bubblegum and was going to dump her in the lake fails to produce results.

                                                • Tree Trunks' mother.
                                                • Lumpy Space Princess trying to crash the wedding.
                                                  • When Finn blocks LSP's way, she pushes up against him and yells this out:
                                                  • Princess Bubblegum's expression going from teary-eyed sweetness to Oh, Crap! once Tree Trunks says that line.
                                                  • Princess Bubblegum told him to "take these drinks around for us" so he took those drinks around the forest. And still thought she told him to walk to the zoo.
                                                  • Cinnamon Bun's moves as a bartender.
                                                  • Finn struggling to fight handsome zombies with the damaged Demon Blood Sword.
                                                  • What makes Tree Trunks think Finn's new sword is cursed? It cuts apples a little too well. She turns out to be right, but still.
                                                  • Finn manages to beat the Hooligans Who Love Candles by cutting off their hair with his Grass Sword, causing them to retreat in fear and shame.
                                                  • Finn decides to throw himself back into serving as Princess Bubblegum's champion. by surprising her at 5:30 in the morning and insisting on helping her make breakfast.
                                                  • When Bubblegum remembers she's out of milk, Finn rushes off to get some. It takes him three weeks to get back with a bottle of mink's milk.
                                                  • "I'd throw Peppermint Butler off this balcony if you asked! Sorry Peppermint Butler, just joking. But kinda sorta not."

                                                  • Flame King and Flame Lord's intentionally bad fight. It's a Shout-Out to the iconic fight scene from They Live!, especially since the two are voiced by the same actors from the movie.
                                                  • After recovering from getting brainwashed, all the Flame Kingdom citizens gang up on the Flame King and start kicking the crap out of him.
                                                  • Finn sums up the episode's hilarity with one statement.

                                                  • Simon calls Marceline to tell her important information, but Marceline uncharacteristically faints upon hearing her old friend again.
                                                    • And Finn and Jake just kinda stare at her, not knowing what the heck is going on.
                                                    • Before that, Finn and Jake telling Marcy to lower her bass. Why? Because holding it up high like that makes her "look like a nerd".

                                                      Jake dismissing Princess Bubblegum's time travel machine by saying that it's not true time travel and Ice King did a better job at it when he brought back Betty… with magic.

                                                    • The Castle Lemongrab video straddles the line between funny Stylistic Suck and terrifying propoganda.
                                                      • "Hello, and keep away from Castle Lemongrab!"
                                                      • Lemongrab silencing his clone-brother, who is still alive in his stomach. by pinching his prodigious belly.

                                                      • "Looking for something? Well you found me: Fat Lemongrab!"
                                                      • "I CAN'T STANDS NO MORE!"
                                                      • Lemongrab's "things".
                                                      • The freshly reconstructed Lemongrab chimes in:

                                                      • Finn and Rap Bear's half-assed rap battle.
                                                      • Finn wearing one of Billy's old loincloths as a cape.
                                                      • Jordan, Lord of the Fairies, is unfazed by Finn using his Grass Sword to make Jordan's pants fall down. So Finn chops his head off, though Jordan seems to see this as more of an inconvenience.

                                                      Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel

                                                      • The way the guests at Prismo's party mock the dormant Lich by taking selfies on him.
                                                      • It's easy to ignore given the dramatic tone both before and after, but once Finn's dad exits the Citadel's atmosphere with some other prisoners, he quickly inquires,"Hey, what about air-" just before the atmosphere closes back up.
                                                      • Seeing the Lich flail around spouting frantic gibberish as he's defeated is both unexpectedly hilarious and satisfying.
                                                        • Jake regaining consciousness and opening his eyes, the first thing he sees being the Lich's aforementioned behavior. Without so much as a change of expression, he closes his eyes again and goes back to sleep.
                                                        • The Banana Guards' Keystone Kops-esque interactions with the numerous James clones. A hilarious match of witlessness.
                                                          • At one point, some of the James emerge from a glove shop with gloves. The guards don't recognize them until the gloves simply slip off.
                                                          • The James clones build a complex-looking trap. out of flimsy wood and other junk, which falls apart while the banana guards walk right through.
                                                          • Finn and Jake don't even bother to intervene, instead content to just watch the hilarity from the sidelines. They even get Princess Bubblegum to join them.

                                                          • A baby deer who can just barely walk is somehow able to climb all the way down the huge tower Finn was building.
                                                          • Finns tower toppling over at episodes end. It's so tall that it hits the Candy Kingdom and the mountains in the background. And the kicker?

                                                          • "Yo, Princess Bubblegum, do birds play football?" "No Terry, they don't."
                                                          • The first thing Finn and Jake do upon being transformed into birds? Break out into an electronic rendition of Mozart's "Queen of the Night's Aria".
                                                          • Tooooo aaaaa plaaaaaaannnnnt. aaaaaaa daaaayyyy iiiiis shoooooooorrrrrt.
                                                          • Ever wonder what happened to the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant? Turns out he was buried under Finn and Jake's mountain of treasure.
                                                            • "I will continue to chill here until you command me!"

                                                            The Prince Who Wanted Everything

                                                            • Lumpy Space Prince's almost unbearable Parody Sue nature just adds that extra bit of hilarity to the episode.
                                                            • Lumpy Space Prince uses the power of not caring to defeat the giant monster his parents turned into. This causes the monster to turn back into Good Parents. then LSP kills them anyways with another shout of "I DON'T CAAAAARE!".
                                                            • During the song number, Lumpy Space Prince flies up to the sky with no issue and an eagle just randomly swoops him and carries him around Ooo as he continues his number.
                                                            • The numerous anime faces LSP makes during the episode.
                                                            • How did Kim Kil Whan get ownership of Finn and Jake's treehouse? By trading for the deed with Marceline for "one lunatic bass". Cue Kim summoning Marceline holding a ridiculous-looking bass guitar with four necks.
                                                            • Jake tries to get Kim Kil Whan's attention by throwing pebbles at the window. even though it's open. Then he throws some more pebbles at Kim when he opens the front door.

                                                            Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe

                                                            • The bus is stuck in water, and everyone is going to drown. Ron James uses a "last resort potion", whose effects are unknown even to him. It swaps his head with Tree Trunks. as in Tree Trunks's entire body is now on top of Ron's neck, while his disembodied head is now on TT's sofa. It seems that he interrupted an intimate moment between TT and Mr. Pig. Even better, the Ice King immediately grabs the potion and downs the leftover drops, and his head is swapped out for the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life-Giving's. who is standing right next to him anyway.
                                                            • Before that the three water nymphs try to use their water powers and lift the bus. It's too heavy for them and they just decide to leave.
                                                              • The Magi tries to get them out by bringing the bus to life. The bus just panics and flails around before the Magi undoes the spell.

                                                              • The only thing Marceline and LSP feel guilty about? Stealing Breakfast Princess' CD.
                                                              • PB's horrified reaction to Marceline admitting she's encouraging LSP acting "bad" via texting.

                                                              • Kenny the Donut's "high-tech device", which inexplicably has a pickle taped to it.
                                                              • When Bubblegum realizes Peace Master has discovered her surveillance system, she orders Peppermint Butler to "Make me some chamomile tea, so I don't stress out!"
                                                              • Peace Master's kids are hilariously unaffected by being turned into monsters by Peppermint Butler. They seem to think their new forms are kinda cool.

                                                              Joshua and Margaret Investigations

                                                              • The book of venom and antidotes&loz. Possible their best Freeze-Frame Bonus yet.
                                                              • Margaret finishing her Lock-and-Load Montage by exchanging her pillbox hat for a bigger, fancier hat.
                                                              • What's the first thing Jake does when he's born? Break into a song and dance number, then immediately fall asleep.

                                                              • When Jake calls in Peppermint Butler to handle the ghost fly, he assures him, Finn, and BMO that everything will be fine as long as he has his bag of dark magic stuff. Then the fly steals the bag. Pepbut responds by slowly putting his hat back on and then bailing out the window.
                                                              • Jake casually kills the Ghost Fly right after it fulfills its unfinished business.
                                                              • BMO making Jakes "unfinished business" the telling of a joke.
                                                              • BMO promised to revive Jake, but it turns out Doctor Princess had to do it.

                                                              • The Dream Ritual Finn and Jake perform to memorialize Prismo - their earnestness is both adorably heart-warming and hilariously goofy at the same time.
                                                              • Jake finds an exquisite bed and a glass of milk in Prismo's place and figures it's a trap. He then sleeps in it anyway.

                                                              • Jake lives his lifelong ambition of being a brick in a shack. He then realizes that being an inanimate object is boring.
                                                              • To pass the time, Jake decides to do an impromptu documentary and starts narrating what he sees. Finn broadcasts this to all of Ooo on radio, where it quickly becomes a smash hit.
                                                                • The rabbit that Jake focuses on gains a massive fan-base as the episode goes on. There's even merchandise for it.
                                                                • The candy people's attempts to break the closet door down. At one point, they try to blow the door down like the Big Bad Wolf.
                                                                • Finn and PB's interactions with Bubblegum's adorable giant cat, Timmy.
                                                                • As the Candy People fall into chaos, Jake is just kicking back, eating nachos, and enjoying the carnage.
                                                                  • When things get even more intense, Jake thinks he should do something. So he takes some selfies.
                                                                  • The Candy Wizard trying to stop Evergreen from freezing his counterparts. by shooting jellybeans from his hands, which makes farting noises as he does so.
                                                                  • The laid-back drummer dude, who barely reacts to getting his head melted off by lava.
                                                                  • The ending is loaded with Mood Whiplash it goes from Gunther the dinosaur going mad with power while repeatedly shouting "Guther, NO!" to Ice King yelling in his sleep while jumping up and down on his bed. Ice King falls out of bed and makes explosion noises, then wakes up to ask his freaked-out penguin minions if they've ever had a weird dream involving dinosaurs and magic.
                                                                  • Ice King is seen trying to chat up a cloud lady while dressed like a stereotypical college boy from The Roaring '20s, with a big fur coat and boater hat. Then he loses his temper and freezes everyone there because people only seem to be into him because he knows Finn.
                                                                  • It's Sweet P's first day of school! Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig get him all ready and when he walks out the door, he is escorted by not only Finn and Jake, but also an army of Banana Guards surrounding the house complete with a helicopter. Looks like Finn and Jake are not taking any chances with the reincarnated Lich.
                                                                  • Sweet P getting even with the kids who bullied him by doing the truffle shuffle, making them laugh so hard they fall over and pass out, while he gets to class on time.
                                                                  • Martin being Crazy-Prepared for Finn's one-time desire to rip his arm off.
                                                                  • One of the little villagers laments "Everything is ruined. Everyone is fat. " after everyone partied too hard at Martin's insistence.
                                                                  • Finn launching off Martin's spaceship with a grin on his face.

                                                                  • Lemongrab literally has servants everywhere so that he doesn't even have to walk from one place to another. He can just be carried instead!
                                                                  • "Lights out!" Cue every field worker instantly falling asleep where they stand. Including those in the trees, who fall out of them.
                                                                  • When Lemongrab blew up the guard. A simple "excuse me" would've been nice.

                                                                  • Susan's "camouflage" consists of three knocked out Porp workers stuck on her head and shoulders, which hardly covers any of her body. She then gets in line for the Super Porp machine. only to remember that this has nothing to do with her objective. She is then found out by a guard who has no trouble seeing through her feeble disguise, but they care more about the fact that she's covered in Pure Porp.
                                                                    • Jake, Finn and Marceline briefly thinking about investigating the Super Porp factory. They decided to not bother for once.
                                                                    • TV decides to "roleplay" B.P. ripping out the pages from her diary, leading to a candy kid stopping and staring.
                                                                    • Jake goes out to check on TV at Lady's insistence, but he assures her "I'm sure he's fine!" Cut to Jake finding TV passed out in the Candy Kingdom's dried-out moat.
                                                                    • Ice King deals with his mischievous penguins by shoving them into a spare room with a broom.
                                                                    • "I brought tiny umbrellas!"
                                                                    • How does Jermaine keep Bryce the demon trapped behind a magic barrier? With a Teddy Ruxpin-like toy called "Booboo Sousa".
                                                                    • Jermaine's fight with Jake alternates between "sad" and "hilarious":
                                                                      • A disembodied hand gives Jermaine something to throw at Jake. It turns out to be a winged sneaker that just flies away without hitting Jake.
                                                                      • Jermaine tries throwing the wooden hand, and it grows to enormous size and grabs Finn. When Finn cuts his way free, the hand bursts into flame, which Finn finds pretty cool. until the "hand fire" starts consuming his Finn Sword.
                                                                      • Jermaine throws a bottle that summons some kind of magical dinosaur wearing party hats on his head and tail, who says the words "Jazz-Bazz!" when he appears. and disappears, as he takes one look at the chaos unfolding and goes "Uh, no!"
                                                                      • "If you punch me again, I'm gonna fart." When Jake makes good on that threat, Jermaine seems to think it's Actually Pretty Funny and starts laughing, calming down in the process.
                                                                      • While Finn and Jake aren't impressed by Chips and Ice Cream's show, BMO and the bunny kids act like it's the best thing they've ever seen.
                                                                      • The fact that the almighty Cosmic Owl literally lives in the cosmic equivalent of a cheap motel.
                                                                      • Some of the dreams seen as Funny Background Events are pretty amusing, like Punchy the Punch bowl staring at a levitating cat spinning in mid-air, or Banana Man dreaming of Finn and Jake throwing him a birthday party.
                                                                      • The sheer concept of "Daddy Sad-Heads", little creatures shaped like the frowning face of a middle-aged man that cling to people and make them too depressed to shake them off.

                                                                        One of Magic Man's "special friends" is Tiny Manticore trapped in a bottle.

                                                                      • "Someone must be out there in the night. To guide my sleepy boat right." Cue Sweet P smashing right through the wall to find someone to help him with his bedtime routine.
                                                                      • LSP's guilty conscience takes the form of her being shamed by the raccoon that kept trying to break into the trailer. "PARTAKE OF THE CHICKEN."
                                                                      • Ice King somehow fails to notice the sleeping gas grenade the penguins stuck into the slice of cake he's eating.
                                                                      • The elderly aliens blame the return of Orgalorg on the younger generation being too obsessed with "making out".
                                                                      • Some of the things Orgalorg did through the ages while trapped in the body of Gunter the penguin include fighting as a gladiator in ancient Rome, running a vineyard, and directing a movie in Golden Age Hollywood.
                                                                      • The bartender repeatedly glancing between Martin and Martin 2 and their huge wanted poster that just got hung on the wall behind them.
                                                                      • The "old man" the guards are all after turns out to be Martin 2, who is not only Older Than They Look but also a lot tougher too.
                                                                      • Princess Bubblegum angrily calling everyone dillweeds when she loses the election to the King of Ooo.
                                                                        • Finn admits that he doesn't know what a "dillweed" is.

                                                                        • Jake tries to propel himself through space via farting. It only smells up the inside of his space-suit.
                                                                        • The Catalyst Comet's Long List of things Finn could seek freedom from gets a little ridiculous near the end.

                                                                        • The way to Neddy's lair is guarded by three Banana Guards. who have not only gotten old and spotty, but have been guarding the tunnel for so long they forgot the riddle they were supposed to ask would-be visitors.
                                                                        • While Neddy is fleeing from. reality, he briefly comes across a random bird and freaks out. Him and the bird shriek at each other a couple times, before Neddy runs away. and the bird celebrates winning the "showdown" by raising the roof.
                                                                        • Finn grows to like his ornate new armor because he feels like a "fancy shield. or a dangerous candlestick!"

                                                                          Marceline flying into Bubblegum's bedroom thinking she's sleeping, but it turns out to be the King of Ooo wearing Bubblegum's pajamas and a wig.

                                                                        • Cherry Cream Soda and Root Beer Guy's courtship apparently consisted of Princess Bubblegum creating them, then pushing them together and declaring them married.
                                                                        • Dirt Beer Guy is oddly nonchalant about his unexpected ressurection.

                                                                        • When the mega mushroom attacks, Finn tries to reason with it and compliments its looks. Then the mushroom reveals a creepy giant eye and Finn immediately takes back his compliment.
                                                                        • The King of Ooo is childishly convinced that a mushroom pizza Finn brought him will make him fly. He even asks the Banana Guards to push him off a flight of stairs to make it work. That goes as well as you'd expect.
                                                                        • The Banana Guard's randomly breaking out into the song "Mama Said" at the end.

                                                                          Finn's reaction to finding Football has smashed the bathroom mirror.

                                                                        Stakes: Marceline the Vampire Queen

                                                                        • Marceline is stuck in the shade of a tree, with her parasol just out of reach. She has just enough sunscreen left to cover her hand so she can get her parasol back. and then it blows away in the wind.
                                                                        • Jake as the "bad cop".
                                                                        • What does Marcy say to Finn as she's tied to a pole and about to be exposed to sunlight? Does she tell Finn to take care of Bonnie, or say a heartfelt goodbye to her friends? Nope, she tells Finn to burn all of her diaries because they're embarrassing. Thankfully she survives.
                                                                        • A funny little Mood Whiplash from an otherwise tearjerking scene&mdashSimon is filming his goodbye video from the Christmas Special and predictably breaks down sobbing at the end. for about three seconds. Then he suddenly perks up and says a cheery "Okay bye!" before nonchalantly ejecting the tape and knocking over the camera, which then breaks upon hitting the floor.

                                                                        • Princess Bubblegum demands to know why Peppermint Butler has a small arsenal of Vampire slaying gear. Pep But flat out says that it's in case Marceline ever turned on them. Bubblegum tries to deliver a What the Hell, Hero? to him, but Marcy stops her, saying that Peppermint Butler was right, and that she could have turned on them all and done them in quite easily. The cheery and bubbly tone in which she concedes the point causes Jake, already terrified of Vampires in general and the current situation in particular, to faint.
                                                                        • Jake trying to describe the vampires to Peppermint Butler so he can draw them ala a police sketch artist. His descriptions are about as obtuse as they can get, and include such gems as "a wet uncle" and "if an ant hill were a girl." Predictably, they result in completely inaccurate drawings, prompting Jake to go, "Nah, that's not right," over and over.
                                                                          • The final drawing manages to somewhat resemble its subject (the Vampire King) purely by accident. How was this one described?

                                                                          • Ice King's various failed attempts to flirt with the Empress.
                                                                          • The Empress is disgusted to find that Ice King is immune to her mind control, and was only obeying her because he was hoping she'd go out with him.
                                                                          • Then she's used as a mace with stakes sticking out of her lumps as part of the groups' trap.
                                                                          • And after that didn't work, she tosses Finn one of her stakes. Helpful, until she starts throwing a bunch more stakes at a rate where Finn has to keep dodging.
                                                                          • Finn takes this opportunity to taunt him from the inside with his "the gallons and gallons of warm teenage blood that he can't have", blowing him as raspberry to boot. Then he reaches for a high five of approval from the others. Marceline happily obliges after a few seconds of PB and LSP being indifferent towards him.
                                                                            • Princess Bubblegum is especially unimpressed. She shoots a look at Marcy just before she high fives Finn in full anticipation of her doing that.

                                                                              Finn and Jake trying to wake up an unconscious Marceline by burping in her face.

                                                                              The Vampire King randomly ripping his clothes off until he's in a pair of tighty-whities while making a grandiose speech about breaking the cycle of destiny.

                                                                              Princess Bubblegum tells Finn not to worry about Peppermint Butler, who has been blown to pieces.

                                                                            The More You Moe, the Moe You Know

                                                                            • ALLMO isn't exaggerating when they say BMO has a better imagination than all the other M Os. The concept of stacking bits of junk on top of each otherblows their collective minds.
                                                                            • Mo's idea of fun games is "Hangman", but the only word in his MO body's database is "BURGESS MEREDITH", whom Jake has never heard of.
                                                                            • Lumpy Space Princess has some hilariously over-the-top displays as a Prima Donna Director, especially nit-picking the size of the raindrops Viola sprays on Mr. Cupcake's raincoat.
                                                                            • Mr. Cupcake keeps calling Tree Trunks by her real name instead of her character's name because it's too "dishonest" to do otherwise.
                                                                            • Viola eventually gets fed up with LSP's attitude and teleports her to the Ice King's lair, where Ice King has to confirm Lumpy Space Princess is really there.

                                                                            • BMO's process for making a "special sentient sandwich" which involves breaking a free range egg that is walking around on its feet, melting a piece of aged cheddar that has a hat and monocle, pepper farts, making a sentient tomatoe puke, for ketchup, and a piece of literally dancing parsley, and literal face bread.
                                                                            • Jake's initially weak attempts at mimicking a horse.
                                                                            • Memow somehow thinks that BMO's childish drawing of a wanted poster is for real, as does another bounty hunter at the end of the episode.
                                                                            • BMO's rampage through the little cardboard town, fighting "bandits" that are just socks and underwear.
                                                                            • NEPTR took 3 months to build that town, in exchange for a Finncake.
                                                                            • When Jake asks why BMO suddenly has a real laser gun

                                                                            "President Porpoise is Missing!"

                                                                            • Banana Man and Ice King secretly being in Finn and Jake's house without anybody noticing until they reveal themselves. As well as Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Starchy, Crunchy, Gumdrop Lass 1. Makes you wonder what would happen if there was ever an episode focused on a game of Hide and Seek.
                                                                            • Ice King gets so invested in BMO's imagination game that by the end of the episode he's convinced he has kids at home, which he doesn't really have.
                                                                            • Secretary Octopus having a vote for each of his tentacles.
                                                                            • "We wouldn't want to deflate anyone's ego.
                                                                            • Finn and Jake's attempts to get rid of the blank-eyed girl. At one point they try to repel her with flute music. Not only does she enjoy it, the music attracts five more blank-eyed girls in their house.
                                                                            • Jake saying Starchie's advice is just "made-up baloney", and then calling Starchie to tell him so.
                                                                            • One of the books Jake goes over while looking up information on creepy stuff is "Butt Stuff".
                                                                            • The way Jake tries his hardest to not acknowledge the Blank Eyed Girls and failing miserably.
                                                                            • The way the Blank Eyed girls turn out to just be regular girls with freaky contact lenses, which then turn out to be bald people, who turn out to be headless alien thingies, which turn out to be weird alienenergy beings.
                                                                            • While having a crying fit over Gunther, Ice King blows his nose on Jake, who's partly morphed into a jeep. Jake is understandably disgusted.
                                                                            • Finn and Jake take advantage of the fact that Ice King reverts to looking more like his old self when he's far from the crown by using his changing facial features like a "nose-compass".
                                                                            • The Marshmallow Gang instantly becomes convinced Finn is a con artist just like them, simply because he got away with not being completely honest with Princess Bubblegum.
                                                                            • Finn manages to get the Marshmallow Gang to help out on a camping trip by getting them to "bamboozle" some sticks into a campfire and "scam up" some wood for a lean-to shelter.

                                                                              Finn's reaction to learning Big Destiny is under the thrall of Lich-Jake.

                                                                            • The montage of Jake sneaking up on Finn and forcing his eyes open, complete with Finn uttering the same piercing shriek each time.
                                                                            • The episode starts with Jake playing a grind-heavy game on BMO which he can't save because the save file would be too big for BMO to make room for. In fact, the game was so big that BMO couldn't talk and run the game at the same time. Upon having a couple weeks of nonstop progress undone, Jake proudly proclaims "I live again!" and then goes on to sing a silly song about his life.
                                                                            • To get him to start talking about how he's playing his flute, Huntress Wizard threatens to shove an arrow up Finn's nose. To which Finn casually replies "I'm especially agile when I'm nude, so good luck with that". Yes, Finn was willing to fight a girl with no clothes on. (And apparently his hair wouldn't get in the way of his dodging.)
                                                                            • Huntress Wizard sleeps metaphorically and literally like a log. She only takes her cloak and boots off, drops to the floor on her back and starts snoring. Next time we see her wake up in the morning, she shape-shifts back into herself from a log and scrapes some mushrooms off her arm.
                                                                            • After Finn and Huntress Wizard catch the Thunderboar, they rip off one of his tusks. Then the Thunderboar complains that they could have just asked if they wanted one of his tusks, as he instantly regenerates a new one.
                                                                            • Just the image of Finn naked in the river playing his flute, with his absurdly long blond hair flowing around him. And his look of utter shock when HW startles him.
                                                                            • During Finn and Jake's first attempt to get into the Banana Guard compound, some of the guards trip and fall over, then the guards coming in behind them slip and fall on their fellow guards' peels. Then a guard carrying a stack of cream pies comes in and things predictably escalate.
                                                                            • How dumb are the Banana Guards? After Finn and Jake's failed attempt at entrapment gets them kicked out, Princess Bubblegum gets them back in by introducing them as new recruits, without making any further effort to disguise their identities.
                                                                            • That face Jake made after being pushed to his limit.
                                                                            • Finn's rapid succession of troll faces when he thinks he's found the mural painter.

                                                                              Gunther the dinosaur spends much of the episode playing the drums, trying to provide dramatic background music.

                                                                              Finn's eyes are cursed to change whoever he looks at into what he sees them as. It's revealed that the way he truly sees the Ice King is as Simon Petrikov, which is incredibly heartwarming - but the curse only changed his body, not his mind. Hilarity Ensues.

                                                                            • Finn and Jake act like they're stoned on Princess Purple Patch's "purple stuff".
                                                                            • Ice King expresses a desire to visit the bizarro version of Ooo from beyond the grotto. When Jake objects that he might lose his memories, Ice King replies that he's so absent-minded already, he doesn't have much to lose. Then he immediately forgets what he was talking about.

                                                                            Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension

                                                                            • Lady's ex-boyfriend Lee apparently liked to prank people by blowing stuff up with "rainbow bombs", from trash cans to city hall.
                                                                            • Lady interrogates Lee's old friend Roy by messing up his latte foam-art.
                                                                            • TV decides he needs to be more independent, and decides to stay in the Crystal Dimension. in the meantime, he moves in with his grandparents and starts sponging off them.
                                                                            • BMO thinks it's ridiculous that Finn is talking to an inanimate object. and says as such to an extension cord.
                                                                            • Bandit Princess is a ridiculously over-the-top Card-Carrying Villain, bragging about how evil and ruthless she is and how much damage she's going to do armed with the Finn Sword.
                                                                            • Cinnamon Bun tries to warn Bun Bun not to press the button that will release the Flame King. He doesn't even finish his warning before Bun Bun runs over and presses it.
                                                                            • Bun Bun is the one who points out that the old Flame King's attempt to raise an army of chipmunks probably won't work. She also helps him embrace his new role as "the Chipmunk King".

                                                                              Normal Man makes a ridiculously Long List of hazards on Wild Trap Mountain.
                                                                                The last hazard on the list? The squirrel that hates Jake.

                                                                              • After this, LSP tells him "You're running away from intimacy! You don't 'know'' that you'll get hurt!" Cue Tiny immediately accidentally knocking Lemongrab out as he flies by.
                                                                              • You know how Ice King wrote the Fionna and Cake universe as a fanfiction? Well, Ice Queen writes her own fanfiction with gender flipped counterparts to the gender flipped counterparts to the original characters. And what we see of her story is Ice President reading his own stories to Flynn the Human Being and Jacques the Raccoon. Ice President's stories are about Lynn the Person and Janet the Fox, the gender flipped counterparts of Ice Queen's gender flipped counterparts of Ice King's gender flipped counterparts of Pendleton Ward's characters.
                                                                              • Poor Flame Prince can't check out a book at the library because he keeps setting the books on fire by touching them. Later we find out that the only reason he was checking out a book in the first place was that he had to use the bathroom and thought you were required to check out a book to do that.
                                                                              • Why is Ice King stealing all the wire coat-hangers in Ooo? So he can jury-rig a hook to get his keys out of a narrow crevice.
                                                                              • Patience St. Pim's flashback to pre-Mushroom War Earth has the once-mighty elementals meeting in a coffee shop, where the Fire Elemental struggles to heat up his coffee with his fire magic.
                                                                              • Princess Bubblegum has serious trouble with her elemental magic, barely able to conjure a single jellybean. which accidentally ends up saving the day when Patience trips on it, causing her to knock over her sailboat and wreck it, with a piece of the mast landing close enough to Fire Princess to refuel her and allow her to escape.

                                                                              • Jake seems a little too excited at the prospect of being cursed by ancient human artifacts.
                                                                              • Finn seems to think the horses on a kiddie mini-carousel in an abandoned video arcade are "the bones of a prehistoric horse".

                                                                              • The flashback includes a Banana Guard having a long Newhart Phone Call about getting the "huge ambulance" to carry Finn, Jake, and Susan Strong to the hospital.
                                                                              • After seeing Jake bust out of the hospital ward to rescue BMO from Grass Finn, Nurse Poundcake casually admits "I've got a crush on Jake."

                                                                              • Mr. Fox is oddly nonchalant about his hand getting infected and swelling to grotesque size because of Finn's improper first-aid.
                                                                              • The first thing Fern does after naming himself Fern? Thugging Starchie for his futuristic motorbike!

                                                                              • Tree Trunks protests Princess Bubblegum's secret space program by painting the word "FASCIST" on a sign. in blue glitter, written in cursive.
                                                                              • Tree Trunks seems unimpressed with the Veritas Bridgade, like one of the Banana Guards claiming he can channel an alien named "Booshy".

                                                                              • Whipple rambles for a ridiculously long time about his dull and cliched ideas for stories. BMO accidentally reveals he stowed away because he can't take anymore and wants Whipple to shut up.
                                                                              • The scene where Jake hallucinates his parents adrift at sea thanks to some poisonous jellyfish.

                                                                                While in a wintery landscape, Finn finds a pile of sacks in an abandoned hut, then seemingly fashions a survival suit out of them. but instead, he follows up with this:

                                                                              • While trying to convince the islanders to leave, Jake helps Finn get their attention. by giving him a purple-nurple so that Finn Screams Like a Little Girl.

                                                                                Jake's dream starts with him in a wacky sitcom with his dad Joshua and his brother Jermaine, complete with canned laughter. After the sequence ends:

                                                                              • Lumpy Space Princess sees Finn fighting the Flame Princess who has now turned into a dragon monster. She remarks that she can still see their relationship working out.

                                                                                The entirety of the flame army's battle with the altered candy people is just as darkly hilarious as it is dramatic, what with the candy people never breaking out of their happy stupor as the flame people fight them to the death, and Candy Tower!Princess Bubblegum's sweet song.

                                                                              • At breakfast shortly after the events of the previous episode, Finn awkwardly tries to broach the subject of Jake's new form as delicately as possible. Then BMO cracks and yells "Jake is a crab!" before running off screaming.
                                                                              • BMO shows up at Marceline's house in a cute little vampire hunter's costume. Marceline points out the thing with the vampires happened months ago.
                                                                              • BMO's wildly-distorted version of the "Islands" arc involves a giant cat with two extra pairs of legs on its back and flying powers.
                                                                              • Marceline does her version of the "Elements" arc as a puppet show about "Lollipop Girl" and "Rock Star Girl", and how their friendship was tested by an "evil Blue Tranch" who turned everyone into potato-heads.

                                                                              "Fionna and Cake and Fionna"

                                                                              • Finn isn't happy about getting roped into going to one of Ice King's readings of his Fionna and Cake stories, but Jake is into it. "I kinda like being loosely adapted!"

                                                                              • A Black Comedy example occurs when Fern suggests that they stop Sweet P from running by severing his tendons.
                                                                              • Finn and Fern and calming Sweet P down "librarian style."
                                                                              • And yet another darkly humorous example occurs when Fern explains what happens to people who travel in bogs at night.

                                                                              • After Finn escapes from the temple where Fern imprisoned him, he's then shown quickly running up to Fern (shapeshifted into him) and yells "You donked up!" before jumping on him.
                                                                              • The mere sight of BMO and Ice King in a Totem Pole Trench.
                                                                              • Ice King bumbling his way around because he can't see out of the trenchcoat.
                                                                              • BMO and Ice King get lost following a customer because BMO was impressed that Ice King managed not to bump into things while running through the forest.
                                                                              • Among the wares BMO and Ice King sell are a ball of lint and a dust bunny. When showing them to Uncle Gumbald, he gets the two mixed up.
                                                                              • Ice King wearing the salesman hat over his crown.
                                                                              • Son of Rap Bear's raps are so powerful they dismember his opponents and blows holes on buildings.
                                                                              • Flame Princess using flaming farts twice during her act.
                                                                              • Bubblegum says the events about her uncle were "like, 800 years ago." The flashback opens with a title that actually reads "Like, 800 years ago."
                                                                              • After Bonnibel creates a candy fish, its first words are "I can't breathe air!"
                                                                              • The reveal that Chicle, Lolly and Uncle Gumbald became Crunchy, Manfried the Pinata, and Punchy the Punch Bowl, respectively.
                                                                              • After watching Chicle eat the poisoned cupcake and suffering its effects, Lolly eats her cupcake anyway, then realizes it was poisoned too.
                                                                              • The ending, where Finn looks utterly pissed after being defeated by Fern and Uncle Gumbald's gang and declares it his worst b-day ever. Not helped by the Ice King popping out of his birthday cake, dressed as his ex.

                                                                                Tree Trunks leaving Randy just as they're about to go on their honeymoon.

                                                                              • Peppermint Butler presents Finn with the Night Sword, which has a compass on the hilt.
                                                                              • Jake misinterpreting Marceline's attempt at shushing Finn as "air mattress talk".

                                                                              • Kim Kil Whan wanting Finn and Jake to take down whatever was sighted inside Margaret and Joshua's old home. because it's not paying rent.
                                                                              • The broken mirror in Margaret and Joshua's bathroom has a note that reads "You look great".
                                                                              • Jake freaking out over seeing his own birth from Joshua's head.

                                                                              • Finn and BMO smiling and waving goodbye to each other immediately after they argued about whether or not Finn's comic caption was funny.
                                                                              • Ice King having his penguins burn down Ble headquarters just as Finn contemplates bringing the magazine back. Finn's response especially sells it.

                                                                                Warren Ampersand, who spend years absorbing the stretchy essence of his hundreds of children to keep himself young instantly willing to accept his death by the singularity once looking into it, despite panicking just a few seconds ago.

                                                                              • Jermaine hangs a lampshade on the convoluted Mind Screw journey they went through activating the space telometry capsule.

                                                                              • Jake transforming and having Finn use him as his hat, suggesting they go for the "Cuteness Offensive" when confronting Gumbald.
                                                                              • Fern/Green Knight casually complementing Finn's new sword during their fight.
                                                                              • Jake transforming into different hats while Gumbald and Aunt Lollie are talking.
                                                                              • Ice King and Gunther winding up in Gumbald's Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters.

                                                                              • Shermy tries to trip up the Gumball Guardian with a trip wire. When that fails, he cheerfully comments that "I suck at knots".
                                                                              • The new King of Ooo is revealed to be little ol' BMO.
                                                                              • "Please have fun at the other side of this door."
                                                                              • Gumbald tosses a lemon to the ground and then uses a weapon to blow it up with excessive force. An expressionless Lemongrab takes out a pen and paper, writes something down, then hands the note to Bubblegum. It simply reads "Unmake me".
                                                                              • This exchange between Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald:

                                                                              • Also, during that flashback, Simon is seen absorbed in the idea of harnessing Golb's energy, while squeezing the chocolate syrup on his ice cream sundae. Betty snaps him out of it when his sundae is filled to the brim with syrup. Simon sees this, reacts with an awkward laugh and an "Oh! Sure!" and still doesn't stop squeezing syrup onto it.
                                                                              • At the end of the flashback, Ice King bluntly says “I don't know who that is.”
                                                                              • It then hits the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, who just arrived because "We heard there was a war!"

                                                                              All's Well That Rats Swell

                                                                                BMO plucking Finn's mustache hairs.

                                                                              Have You Seen The Muffin Mess?

                                                                              • After Bubblegum made Grey Goo-like nanites which turned half of her arm and her cabin into muffins, she calls Jake while casually stretching and molding the remaining candy mass in her arm into a new arm.
                                                                              • Finn accidentally saves the day when the disease he got in the last mini-sode combines with the nanites somehow. It turns into a giant figure who brings "a message from the microscopic world: we see you when you go number one!" Then it stomps off shouting "Beware!"
                                                                              • When Finn delivers a Big "NO!" Jake says that he doesn't think the Lich can hear them from in the bag.
                                                                              • Ice King writing a fan fic titled "Fionna and Cake Meet Finn and Jake" while using Gunther as a table. Then the Lich sucks them up.
                                                                              • "Well, I GUESS you could say The Lich should've worn a wide-brimmed hat today, because he's spending an awful lot of time. IN THE SUN. "
                                                                              • PB getting more annoyed by the fact that she had to give a royal speech for over 88 121 times without realizing it than over Jake breaking his promise of not using her time machine.

                                                                                While watching NEPTR try to fix the time machine:

                                                                              • Finn and Jake find themselves under the reader's control in a Gamebooks-type story. All three of their methods to get their free will back are quite silly: it involves either bribing the reader with the prospect of seeing Princess Bubblegum do a Royal Toot, overwhelming the reader with too many silly options, or casting a spell to make the reader fall under Princess Bubblegum's control.

                                                                                Finn and Jake trying their hands at computer hacking, and finding that Hollywood Hacking doesn't really work:

                                                                              Winter is the season of hot cocoa, crackling fires, and wool sweaters. For many, it is a place of childhood nostalgia – of skiing, sledding, and some slightly-mad snowday schemes. And even when the harshness of the weather manifests and the biting air, chills, and darkness perpetuate, winter reminds us of the human warmth. However, while at school, when we take ten minutes bundling up to trudge to class only to discover we forgot a mitten, we often curse this season. Robert Frost’s “Dust of Snow,” is the perfect reminder to us that beauty can be discovered in the brutality of the natural elements. In his short poem, a crow’s wings cause snow to fall upon the speaker passing under a tree, igniting “a change of mood” in the speaker’s heart, “and saved some part/ of a day I had rued.” This fallen snow has enlightened this man to appreciate the small things in life rather than seeing it as a lifeless and bleak season. We can all make our day better by appreciating and taking advantage of this weather rather than wishing for spring. We just need a push to get off campus and remember all that winter has to offer. Provided is an avenue for outdoor activities during cold weather in the Lewisburg and Pennsylvania area.


                                                                              BLUE MOUNTAIN SKI AREA

                                                                              Home of Pennsylvania’s highest vertical descent and the most varied terrain, Blue Mountain is the best mountain to visit to get the most out of a ski day. According to Mountain Snow Corporation, the mountain resort has the highest overall rating for best mountain resorts, for terrain parks, and falls second for best all-mountain terrain 1 . Additionally, as the East Coast’s leader in snow making capabilities, Blue Mountain guarantees snow days even if the weather does not permit.

                                                                              Apres ski, kick back on the patio of the Summit Lodge Cornerstone or in the warm, festive atmosphere of Last Run Lounge on the top floor of the Summit Lodge or continue the adventure by snowtubing one of the 39 1,000 long lanes.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: 1660 Blue Mountain Drive, Palmerton, PA 18071. 1 hour and 50 minutes

                                                                              CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN RESORT

                                                                              Camelback makes up for it’s smaller size with well-groomed trails and turbo-lifts, enabling you to spend more time on the quality trails. Apart from high-grade terrain, this mountain has the biggest snowtubing park in the US. The resort is also 100% lit for night skiing. This resort is ranked fourth for best all-mountain terrain in all of Pennsylvania.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: Camelback Mountain Resort, 301 Resort Drive, Tannersville, PA 18372. 1 hour and 35 minutes

                                                                              Blue Knob, as the highest elevated skiable mountain of all Pennsylvania, offers 100 acres of terrain and 42 acres of night-skiing terrain. The longer runs, steeper terrain, and low crowds make this a favorite among the many Poconos mountains… and a best kept secret. Due to the lack of crowds, this is the best place to find fresh powder after a big snow fall.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: 1424 Overland Pass, Claysburg, PA 16625. 2 hours and 11 minutes.

                                                                              JACK FROST

                                                                              This premiere Pocono ski resort makes a somewhat small mountain of 600 vertical feet feel large by having spread out trails. The black diamonds are some of the best in the Poconos, getting more advanced as you head towards the west side of the mountain. The glades, scattered between the groomed trails, range from intermediate to advanced and are the best in the region. If you want a good challenge, try the elevator, off the backside of the mountain.

                                                                              The parking lot, located at the top, influences you to take more and more runs because when you try to call it quits you are already at the summit, so why not take one more run?

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: 357 Big Boulder Drive, Lake Harmony, PA 18624. 1 hour and 23 minutes

                                                                              BIG BOULDER

                                                                              Jack Frost’s partner Big Boulder is considered more of the “snowboarders’ mountain” of the two. Jack Frost has longer runs and a higher vertical drop but Big Boulder, about five miles away, trumps Frost with their three main parks: Big Boulder Park, LOVE Park, and Freedom Park. There are various slopes for all levels but the main attraction is the terrain parks. Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: 434 Jack Frost Mountain Road, White Haven, PA 18661. 1 hour and 16 minutes

                                                                              Note: You can get a double pass for Jack Frost/Big Boulder for $350. Just ask alumnus Doug Bogan who went out twice a week and weekends through January, February, and half of March. He claims the pass was “his best Christmas present” yet. Still not convinced? Ask anyone on the Bucknell ski team. Expect to be recruited mid conversation.

                                                                              **make sure to use College ID for discounts on tickets

                                                                              Cross-country skiing, ice skating, hiking, snowmobiling, and more at PA state parks:

                                                                              Ricketts Glen State Park

                                                                              Cross-country ski, snowmobile, or hike through this coniferous wonderland or escape the dense woods to ice skate and ice fish on Lake Jean. The 26 hiking trails offer views of 22 free-flowing waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and a beautiful terrestrial ecoregion of old growth timbers.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: Ricketts Glen State Park, 695 State Route 487, Benton, PA 17814. 1 hour and ten minute drive.

                                                                              Bald Eagle State Forest

                                                                              The Bald Eagle State Forest, named after the famous Native American, Chief Bald Eagle, is 193,424 acres and offers over 200 miles of hiking trails, 300 miles of state forest roads and trails open for snowmobiling, and 24 miles of Nordic ski trails, some beginning at R.B. Winter State Park.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: Bald Eagle State Forest, T420, Bellefonte, PA 16823. 1 hour and ten minutes away.

                                                                              Colonel Denning State Park

                                                                              Alumnus and avid hiker, Doug Bogan, raves that the views from the overlook of Flat Rock Trail, “are are amazing. You can see for maybe 30-50 miles on a clear day!” You can also cross-country ski on the hilly and mountainous terrain to catch a glimpse of these vistas, although there are no formal cross-country skiing trail system. Or skip out on the inclines and ice skate while still admiring the rugged beauty of the mountainous landscape.

                                                                              Click here t o learn more about Colonel Denning State Park.

                                                                              Location: Colonel Denning State Park, Newville PA. Click here for detailed instructions. 1.5 hours away

                                                                              Worlds End State Park

                                                                              Discover a 20-mile trail network perfect for Nordic skiing in the heart of Pennsylvania’s mountainous landscape. Apart from cross-country skiing, enjoy hiking or snowmobiling through the terrain. The Canyon Vista Trail is a 4 mile loop that challenges hikers with rocky, steep sections leading to a stunning view of the Loyalsock Creek Gorge. Before descending, explore the rock labyrinths adjacent to the vist.

                                                                              Click here for more info of the Hiking Trails at Worlds End State Park.

                                                                              Location: 82 Cabin Bridge Rd, Forksville, PA 18616. 1 hour and ten minutes.

                                                                              Tioga State Forest

                                                                              Praised as one of the best rail trails in the North East, Pine Creek Trail, one of the many trails in this state park, offers Nordic skiers a verdantly dramatic 61-mile journey through the area known as the “Grand Canyon” of Pennsylvania. There are also over 170 miles of snowmobile trails.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: The trail’s northern terminus is on State Forest land approximately one mile south of U.S. Route 6 on the Colton Road near the village of Ansonia (1 hour and 45 minutes). The southern terminus is on Pennsylvania Route 414 two miles south of Blackwell (1.5 hours).

                                                                              HICKORY STATE PARK

                                                                              A 15,990-acre park stretching across the Poconos Mountain doesn’t only offer 40 miles of great hiking but has an ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

                                                                              Click here for more information.

                                                                              Location: 3613 State St, White Haven, PA 18661. 1 hour and 6 minutes. Click here for detailed driving directions.

                                                                              Raymond B. Winter State Park

                                                                              For a quick morning and afternoon adventure mid-week, explore this park that is an easy drive from campus. With 700 acres of the Appalachian mountains, this park offers cross-country skiing, hiking (Rapid Run is my favorite), ice-fishing, and snowmobiling. The 300 miles of snowmobile trails leads all the way to aforementioned Bald Eagle State Forest.

                                                                              Click here for more information

                                                                              Location: Raymond B. Winter State Park, 17215 Buffalo Road, Mifflinburg, PA 17844. 28 minutes away.

                                                                              Crystal Lake Ski Center

                                                                              Recommended to me by the head of Bucknell’s Outdoors Club, Crystal Lake Ski Center specializes in Pennsylvania’s finest cross country skiing. For an additional fee, experienced Nordic instructors are ready to guide you from beginning through skating and racing techniques.

                                                                              Click here for more information

                                                                              Location: 1716 Crystal Lake Rd, Hughesville, PA 17737. 1 hour away. Click here for driving directions.

                                                                              And if I can’t convince you, maybe William Wordsworth will sway you