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Potatoes like fried ones

Potatoes like fried ones

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The idea was with these potatoes, to be crispy and rosy like fried ones, but not to use much oil. I am very pleased with the result. They lived up to expectations. The tray of potatoes as fried started the Sunday picnic from the garden !!!

  • 1.5 kg of potatoes
  • 1 bunch of green parsley
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt
  • spray oil
  • pepper
  • chery tomatoes for decoration.

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into long pieces - like those homemade french fries, more generous.

  2. Put the potatoes to boil in salted water and with a bunch of green parsley.

  3. When the potatoes are almost cooked, transfer them to a Teflon tray.

  4. Sprinkle on top with garlic powder and smoked sweet paprika.

  5. Place the finely chopped garlic from place to place.

  6. Pepper and lightly salt.

  7. Spray on top of the oil with a sprayer.

  8. Place the pan on the grill at 280 degrees Celsius until the potatoes are browned and look exactly like fried.

  9. Be careful, watch the baking because it is done very quickly. In a few minutes you risk being too crunchy: D

  10. When serving, decorate the tray with chopped green parsley and variously colored cherry tomatoes.

Good appetite !!!!

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Be careful, watch the baking because they are very fast. In a few minutes you risk being too crunchy: D

The best french fries

I completely agree with you that this vegetable has nothing to do with aesthetics except accidentally and only in literature or the visual arts. On the plate, the potato is an excellent food and deserves all the attention.

You confess to me that you have a real weakness for the so-called French fries, which you met at all the crossroads of Paris, where you buy them on the horns and which the eminence of your reign the cook did not manage to obtain, at least you watched directly at their preparation, in which you were initiated by the most famous books kitchen.

I'm glad you were convinced by personal experience that they can't be made in butter. So, I don't insist anymore. However, they did not succeed in fat from various sources or even in oil. Well, don't despair.

I will give you here a recipe that I consider the best and I assure you that after you try it, you will get enough courage to risk my recipe for cakes, which seems unlikely. There it is :
First draw the attention of your eminent cook not to wash the potatoes in water. If you value water (which would be desirable), to be content to wash her hands. Potatoes, do well to clean them only with a knife. Once cleaned, put them between two towels and press them until they lose all their moisture. Prior to this preparation, she must have taken care to put in a bowl marrow and oil, equal parts. When the mixture of oil and marrow (the happy marrow) boil in a bowl, toss the potatoes and leave them only long enough to brown slightly. Then take them out and set them aside, warm, not on fire.

I assume that during this time you are eating an omelet, for which I wish you good appetite and whose recipe in case it displeased you, I will give you in the next issue (the omelet also has manufacturing tricks). When they need to be served, the potatoes are thrown back into the boiling mixture, which I mentioned above, and let them brown well. It must be removed with a spoon with holes to drain all the liquid.
This is.
Your Majesty's Shepherd.

Păstorel Teodoreanu (pseudonym of Alexandru Osvald Teodoreanu b. July 30, 1894, Dorohoi, Botoșani - d. March 17, 1964, Bucharest) was a Romanian poet, lawyer, writer, publicist, epigram writer, gastronome and wine lover, important member of bohemian Iasi and Bucharest. He remained in Romanian literature through his epigrams. His best known novel is The Chronicle of the Vălătuc Masquerade, which the literary critic George Călinescu compares to Gargantua and Pantagruel.
He was the older brother of the novelist Ionel Teodoreanu.

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How do you make the tastiest straw potatoes?

Necessary ingredients:

  • 1kg french fries
  • 1 teaspoon oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric
  • 2 teaspoons grilled spices

Method of preparation:

Start by cleaning and washing the potatoes very well, which we recommend you to choose carefully, preferably some especially for frying, because they will not soften during cooking. After you have washed them very well, cut them into sticks, just like the ones for frying. & Icircntr a bowl, stir oil with a little salt, pepper, turmeric and grilled spices. In the case of the spices at the end, the special ones for the grill, they are optional, so you can give them up if you want to cook some simple potatoes. Turmeric it is necessary, because it will give that golden color to the potatoes.

Put it on silicone tray of potatoes, then add the mixture of oil and spices over them. The mixture must be evenly distributed, and to do this you need a silicone brush. This one will help you distribute the mixture of oil and spices over all the potatoes, & icircn so & icircnc & acirct the flavors to reach each potato & icircn part.

Yes tray in the oven for about an hour temperature of about 150 degrees. Halfway through, turn the potatoes on the other side to make sure they are cooked evenly. The tray is quite hot, so use it with confidence silicone glove to maneuver it, because it will not allow any to be & icircnt & acircmple domestic accident & icircn during the preparation of your potatoes.

& Icircn depending on oven efficiency your time may vary, so keep an eye out. C & acircnd the potatoes & rdquoprastati & rdquo acquire a golden, uniform color, take them out of the oven and enjoy them with your favorite toppings. You can prepare some quick sauces, mix & acircnd the ingredients & icircn Nutrition Mixer, you can opt for grated cheese and cherry tomato pieces, or you can decorate with slices of hot pepper and spicy sauce, if you want something as hot as the weather outside.

Baked potatoes simple recipe

Baked potatoes simple recipe. French fries in the pan, sprinkled with only about 20 ml of oil, browned and crispy. A healthier alternative to oil-fried potatoes. See what spices I used to give a special flavor to the potatoes.

I admit that I like french fries, especially new ones, but maybe I don't always want to fry them in oil. Well, then I fry them in the oven with very little oil.

Classic recipe a French Fries & # 8211 can be found here. They are not made so simple because they are double-fried!

Baked potatoes are a distinct dish, vegetarian / vegan or of post but they can also be a gasket perfect for any kind of meat. I just made some Moldovan parjoale (recipe here) and because the parjoals have already been fried in oil, I chose to fry the potatoes in the oven.

From the quantities below it results approx. 4-6 servings of baked potatoes.

  1. Preheat the oven to 425 F
  2. Remove the small leaves from the stems of the fresh plants until you have a spoonful. If you use rosemary, make sure the leaves do not have any woody stems attached. If you use sage, give the leaves a quick cut so that they are not too big.
  3. Wash and dry the potatoes. Place them in your favorite shape or leave them whole. Then put them in a mixing bowl, burn them with olive oil, then discard them so that they are completely covered with oil.
  1. Sprinkle generously with Kosher salt and discard again to distribute the salt evenly. Don't be afraid to use too many salt potatoes and the salts are made for each other. Think french fries!
  2. Finally, add the fresh herbs and discard again. The finger should now be completely covered with the oil-salt-herb mixture.
  3. Transfer the potatoes to a frying pan and fry until a knife slides easily into one of the largest potatoes (20 to 25 minutes), tossing every 10 minutes to make sure the tips don't burn. .
  4. Garnish with a cream of fresh herbs and serve.

Cardboard cartridges are great for making potato salad, as they stay firm when you boil them and have a wonderful flavor. And through the potato salad, we are talking about American, either with mayonnaise-based dressing or vinaigrette. And they give your salad a different look because they are long and cylindrical, so your salad will be made of small, round sections rather than ordinary cube-shaped pieces.

That being said, however, potato chips, cut into rounds and salamis, then seasoned and tossed in clothing while still warm, would be a great addition to a basic lettuce. And they are also perfect for making classic Nicoise salad.

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McDonalds French fries


- 2 medium-sized red potatoes

- & frac14 cup of corn syrup

- 1 cup and a half of water

- 6 cups of peanut oil

- & frac14 cup of beef fat

- 2 teaspoons of salt, depending on taste

- & frac14 teaspoon beef broth granules (optional).

CAREFUL! To double the recipe, you do not need a double amount of oil. Potatoes can be cooked in the same oil and only in case of need can a cup of oil and a teaspoon of salt be added.

Method of preparation:

  1. Wash the potatoes well and peel them. Cut them into thin slices, no thicker than 0.6 centimeters and no longer than 10-15 centimeters.

If you really like potato recipes, then you should definitely try the potato peel chips and the best potato recipe with garlic and greens.

How to prepare french fries healthier: rules to keep in mind

French fries with mussels, for Belgians, straw potatoes for the French and French fries with fish, for the English, have already entered the common menu. If you can't do without them in your weekly menu, at least learn how to prepare them healthier.

The potato is a perennial herbaceous plant whose generic name (Solanum) refers to a variety of zarna. Some of these species, due to their resistance to cold and disease, the fact that they are early varieties, have been used to improve varieties grown in Europe or to create new varieties.

French fries are potatoes cut into long pieces and fried in fat, sometimes in beef lard and more recently in peanut oil, preferably in a special machine (in a fryer). They should be crispy and golden on the outside and soft on the inside.

Because they are cut very thin, they are also called straw potatoes. The latter are mainly used in fast food restaurants or in the frozen food industry. This type of preparation is very greasy, meaning a lot of oil is used. Thus, if a potato contains 0.5% lipids, a french fries contains about 25%. The fat content is dependent on the volume / surface ratio of the fried potato: the thinner the potato is cut, the larger the surface that comes into contact with the oil. The preparation in the form of chips is even richer in fat.

How to get rid of extra oil
It is necessary to drain the potatoes immediately after frying them, placing them after removing them from the fryer or pan on a double paper napkin and wiping them so that all the oil is absorbed from their surface, while the water vapor is still evaporating. .

In fact, after frying and removing from the fryer, the potatoes are not greasy at all: the oil cannot enter them because it is prevented by the evaporation of water from the potato during frying (these vapors are the ones that cause boiling). As soon as the potatoes start to cool, the vapors still present in the french fries condense and turn into water.

For their preparation it is necessary not to throw the potatoes in oil before it reaches the right temperature (otherwise the surface of the potato will ripen and dry too quickly and soak in oil before the core of the potato is hot enough to produces vapors). You don't even have to remove the potatoes from the oil too quickly. To test the level of frying, use a fork, but without removing the potatoes from the oil. For those who prefer crispier potatoes, or only half-done, they should be drained immediately after removing from the oil. The duration of frying depends on the weight of the potatoes.

What spices to use
Likewise, salting or adding spices is done immediately after draining, and not in the plate, as long as there are still vapors. In this case, the salt dissolves better and during cooling it penetrates better into the potato, the scent of spices will be absorbed, and at the end less spices are added. Everything must be prepared for these operations before removing the potatoes from the oil.

For the gustatory quality of the french fries, from the immense variety of potatoes, those with a higher dry matter content must be chosen. The higher this percentage, the less oil the potato will absorb during cooling and will retain its texture without forming alveoli. The final weight of the french fries, visibly lower than that of the raw potatoes, indicates the evaporation of water.

But all these precautions will be useless if they are eaten with mayonnaise based on oil emulsion greater than 90%. In this case, spices are preferred (freshly cut large parsley is perfect), spices (pepper, paprika), tomato sauce (avoid ketchup that is too sweet and too greasy). These precautions are also valid for any other kind of steak (fish, breaded dishes, nemtisor). Frying in an oil bath is even a method of dietary preparation and produces less fatty potatoes than the electric fryer or than in the case of baking frozen and pre-cooked potatoes (already covered in fat).

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New fried potatoes in lard

New fried potatoes in lard, very simple and very tasty recipe, presented step by step. Some of the advantages of cooking in pork or duck lard and a recipe for new fries in lard, light and tasty.

I don't usually make french fries at home. I'm pretty round and I keep my temptations at bay. But it's completely different with the new potatoes, I don't let their season pass (quite short, by the way) without making some new fried potatoes in lard. By the way, if I kept saying that I don't really do such extravagances of my kind, you should know that it doesn't even occur to me to fry potatoes in other fats. Lard comes from a pig raised with corn and greens in my in-laws' household. No store can buy healthier fat than this and these new fried potatoes in lard & # 8230 have never tasted better!

The advantages of cooking with lard

The "recipe" for new fried potatoes in lard is so simple that it can hardly be called a recipe. Therefore, what I want to convey with this article is how advantageous it is to cook with lard (or duck, goose) versus other fats. First of all, it's about gus. My blog is addressed to healthy people, without diets and dietary restrictions and the most important quality after which I evaluate the recipes is the taste of the dishes obtained. Potatoes and in fact any food fried in animal fat will taste much better than those fried in other fats.


And yet, this time it's not just about taste. Lard is much healthier than hydrogenated fats (margarine). It is also healthier than commercially refined oils, at least because it is much less processed. We can melt the lard ourselves and we will get more than that, the scallops are a delicious bonus & # 8211 the recipe here. I enjoy using lard for frying. They use it, as did their grandparents, to preserve food. We all know how good meat is at garnish a duck confit. It is important that the lard is fresh, with a nice smell, not rancid.

Keep in mind, if you use fresh lard to fry potatoes, it will not throw away! It can be reused several times, but only for the same purpose. If you have fried potatoes, at the end strain the still slightly warm lard through a sieve and put it in a jar. Label the jar with "potato lard" and store it in the pantry or refrigerator. More about the benefits of cooking with lard can be found in this article of the Mistress.

The best french fries are waiting for you at Cartofisserie, in Palas

Originally from South America, brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus, the potatoes had a long way to go to reach our tables. Cartofisserie, the new restaurant in the Palas Iași food court, & icircți proposes you to find out the delicious story, seasoned with great sauces, of fresh potatoes, carefully sliced ​​and fried patiently.

Are you a fan of french fries and special sauces? & Icircn the Palas foodcourt inaugurated Cartofisserie, the location that treats potatoes with care and passion. Whether you choose a baby portion or a large one, the taste of fresh potatoes, fried on the spot, will conquer you immediately. At Cartofisserie, the & bdquomers of the earth & acircntului & rdquo are well washed, sliced ​​and fried & icircn peel, hence the name & bdquoCartofi la costum & rdquo.

A selection of 12 sauces is waiting to be discovered: from the classic Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Garlic Sauce or Barbeque, to the most exotic Samurai, Cocktail, Jammie, Mammouth, Curry Ketchup, Pitta, but also the bold Cheezy Crazy and Hot Shot. Come see which is your favorite!

Along with the King Potato, Cartofisserie & icircți also offers a variety of menus: the famous Crispy Strips or Crispy Chips with a crunchy and tasty crust, Mozza Sticks, delicious and crunchy mozzarella sticks, Spicy Wings, Spicy, for those who prefer , but also other goodies masterfully prepared by & bdquoCartofisserii & rdquo skilled. For the greedy little ones you can find the Junior Nuggets menu.

Try the freshly cut and fried potatoes on the spot from Cartofisserie!


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