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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Cooler Than Candy

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Cooler Than Candy

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Give your sweetie these great gifts instead of boring chocolate

Ditch the boring box of chocolates this year!

Valentine's Day is typical for a certain type of gifts. Flowers, jewelry and, of course, candies and chocolates are always on the table as appropriate treasures to give your loved one. But really, aren't candies and chocolates a little tired? How many years in a row can you get a box of mystery sweets? The time for a fresh take on Valentine's Day gifting is now. Toss out the idea of standard chocolates, put on your thinking caps and try out a few new ideas this year.

Click here for the 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Cooler Than Candy (Slideshow)

The first thing to do when considering a romantic food gift is to think of your recipient. Gifting for a man is very different than gifting for a woman. For guys, think manly standards. Bacon is always a winner, along with meat rubs or beer. Craft beer clubs offer monthly subscriptions. A few bucks spent and your honey will know you are thinking of him each month when a new, fresh selection of craft beers shows up on the doorstep.

Of course, if you are thinking about the ladies in your life, consider sticking with the upscale, more posh food gifts. Something like a fresh fruit bouquet is a sure fire winner. Or consider more upscale versions of classic treats. Brownies dipped in chocolate ganache are elegant and incredibly tasty.

No matter what gift you choose, be sure it reflects the personality of the recipient. The thought is always most important and will earn you major Valentine's Day points.

Best 20 Valentines Day Candy Recipe

Offer pizza an extra delicious spin this Valentine’s Day. This flatbread-style pie combines healthy ingredients consisting of barbequed chicken, sunlight dried out tomatoes, and also spinach– as well as the most effective part is it takes simply 15 minutes to make.

1. Chocolate-Mint “Energy Ball” Truffles

Chocolate truffles usually have a velvety chocolate filling and a coating of nuts, cocoa or chocolate. These minty truffles are a uniquely delicious twist on that concept and are also quite healthy. The creamy filling consists of cocoa powder, almond butter and black beans. Yep, black beans, those fiber-filled legumes! But the main ingredient in these "energy balls" is raw shelled hemp seeds, which provide plant-based protein. To make them, simply whirl the ingredients in a food processor, then just chill the mixture, form into balls and roll in hemp hearts (i.e., shelled hemp seeds).

Chocolate truffles usually have a velvety chocolate filling and a coating of nuts, cocoa or chocolate. These minty truffles are a uniquely delicious twist on that concept and are also quite healthy. The creamy filling consists of cocoa powder, almond butter and black beans. Yep, black beans, those fiber-filled legumes! But the main ingredient in these "energy balls" is raw shelled hemp seeds, which provide plant-based protein. To make them, simply whirl the ingredients in a food processor, then just chill the mixture, form into balls and roll in hemp hearts (i.e., shelled hemp seeds).

If you don’t have a knack for baking don’t fret! These fool-proof candy melt cupcake toppers are so easy and are precious! To create these melt red candy melts and transfer to a piping bag. On a parchment lined baking sheet pipe your Valentine’s Day designs. Lastly, add a dash of sprinkles and allow them to chill in the fridge.

When they’re ready you can add them to any store-bought dessert such as cupcakes! Enjoy these at home with your kids or send them to school for an exciting Valentine’s Day treat.

Top 10 Valentine Day Gifts

For women that are struggling to keep their weight in check, receiving a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day may not be something that makes us smile. Thankfully, there are other options.

Fine Jewelry

Whether it’s a simple heart necklace or a new diamond ring, handcrafted fine jewelry is bound to make her smile on Valentine’s Day. While a classic heart shape may be traditional on Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to break from tradition and buy another type of jewelry. I’d opt for something handcrafted here in the US with a simple design and quality materials. You can’t go wrong with 14K solid gold.

A special dinner

Take her out to her favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day and impress her by ordering her favorite dish. Better yet, cook her favorite dinner at home and then do the dishes afterward. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on dinner. It’s the thought that counts.


Whether you purchase a book of poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning or create your own love poem, your sweetheart will be impressed by this choice for Valentine’s Day. Consider writing the poem on cardstock and wrapping it with a pretty red ribbon.


Need I say more? Make sure you buy her lingerie she’ll enjoy and feel good about wearing which may be different than what you think she’d look great in. Consider that her tastes may run more toward Victoria’s Secret than Fredericks of Hollywood. Why not treat her to a lingerie subscription?


There isn’t a much more romantic gift than being presented with a bouquet of flowers. Whether you opt for a hothouse bouquet of long-stemmed red roses or cut flowers from your back yard, flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. I love that you can send an eco-friendly bouquet of flowers.

Breakfast in bed

Surprise your sweetheart with breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day. An omelet or Belgian waffles would be amazing but if you cannot cook, even cereal and fresh fruit would be a wonderful choice. You might find a breakfast tray is helpful.

A child-free evening

What woman wouldn’t appreciate some downtime to relax? I know I would. Whether this means having your parents take the kids for the weekend, hiring a sitter or sending her to the spa, an evening with no children is a choice many women would love.

An afternoon out together

Maybe she’d love to bike ride around town, spend a few hours at the mall, or head out to the antique store. Take a few hours from your day and give her your time and attention. Why not consider getting her a gift card to her favorite store to spend while you’re out. This is one of my favorite top 10 Valentine Day gifts because I can choose whatever I want.

Make a coupon book

Pull out the markers and paper and make a book of coupons she can redeem when she wants. Top picks in my house are a night where you do the dishes and a day of babysitting. This is a great gift for the kids to make as well. They can include things like cleaning your room with no arguments. Here is a free printable to make your own coupon book.


Nothing says pamper me like a bottle of perfume. Women often forget to take time to pamper themselves and a new bottle of perfume is a great reminder. Or, if you don’t think she’d enjoy perfume, why not try body wash, bubble bath, or my vanilla coconut body scrub. If you want to get creative, why not learn how to make solid perfume out of her favorite scent.

If you check out the ads for the top 10 Valentine gifts for her, you will probably see a huge box of chocolates on the list. While I enjoy a piece or two of Valentine’s Day candy, I’d prefer to get a two count box of Godiva chocolates rather than a huge box. My willpower is not that great some days.

Kids Kichen: Valentine’s Recipes

Top image, clockwise from top left:

  1. These Cinnamon Bun Crackers are only 3 ingredients and you can add a bit of cream cheese drizzle for some extra pizzazz.
  2. What’s better than banana bread? Sugar-free Banana Bread in a kid-decorated mason jar!
  3. These Valentine’s Dipped Marshmallows are a simple no-bake recipe that’s perfect for a group.
  4. Guests won’t believe that these stunning Jell-o Parfaits were completely kid-made but they’re actually super easy!
  5. Take simple vanilla cupcakes to a gorgeous new level with some natural strawberry buttercream. The cute rose frosting is simple enough for kids to do – and I have the pictures to prove it!

6. A strawberry & Nutella snack is a great option for an independent treat.

7. While these No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites might need a little grown-up help, they are definitely worth the effort.

8. Berry Bracelets are a fun alternative to candy bracelets and are perfect for parties.

9. Lemon Sugar Cookies are delicious on their own, but a swirl of frosting is always a good idea.

And for some bonus recipes,

11. 3-ingredient brownies (and look for our 3-ingredient blondies recipe, too!)

12. We have 3 different healthy chocolate chip cookie recipes on the site, but these simple 3-ingredient healthy chocolate chip cookies are definitely a favourite.

Check out these other fun Top Ten Lists of Valentine’s Ideas:

I love this cute valentine idea from Jaco'lyn Murphy. Just fill a little plastic or mesh baggie with chocolate coins and attach a sweet "Don't go changin'" or "Don't ever change" kind of note. This is great for kids who want to do something other than the usual hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day. (You could use real coins, too, but chocolate coins make it so much more tasty and fun.)

Here's another great idea from Jaco'lyn Murphy. For kids who just can't "fight that feeling anymore," there are these fun toy soldier valentines that come together with nothing more than a little soldier and a heart-shaped valentine note. Your kids will no doubt have a blast playing with these valentines as they make them!

9 Valentine's Day Food Gifts Everyone Secretly Hates

Your significant other deserves more than edible drawers.

If you want to keep BAE around, you might want to avoid any of these gifts.

We get it, you want to give your boo some chocolate but you want to be original and think outside of the heart shaped box. Our suggestion? Don't. Weirdly shaped chocolate is cool, but so cool that your S.O. may not want to ruin it by chowing down, and nothing is worse than candy that you can't eat.

Baking mixes might seem like good Valentine's Day treat for your friends but why you would gift all the ingredients to make cookies and not just actually gift fresh-baked cookies is beyond us.

Bags of candy are the way to go for a Kindergarten V-Day celebration or a night in with you, yourself, and some Netflix but definitely not something you should be gifting to someone you care about.

Wine is most definitely appreciated in all its forms but a cheap bottle for your Valentine is basically an insult (unless it's this award-winning one). On this day skip the Chateau Diana and get you and your honey a nice bottle that won't result in an awful hangover. Wine? Sexy. Hangover? Not sexy.

A box of chocolates is a V-Day classic, and we're all about the classics, but try to look beyond the selection at your local Walgreens and pick out something a with a lot less sugar and a lot more class. In case you're wondering what to get, here are a few suggestions.

I think we can all agree that edible underwear is about as sexy as tapioca, i.e. not sexy at all. Not only does it seem, ehm, difficult to wear, it's also not made of particularly enticing candy so really it serves no purpose. Now if they start making edible underwear out of bacon, we might reconsider.

Don't get us wrong, fudge is great, but it's so easy that it'll definitely look like you're not trying, which is not the way to score some points with your babe on V-Day. On any other day, however, you should definitely woo your boo with some of these recipes.

Conversation hearts were cute in the 3rd grade when they were about the only way you could tell crush how you felt without being too awkward. But now, we're adults and adults don't give other adults chalk-flavored candies.

Dipping a cherry in chocolate does not a gift make. Skip the lame treat that only a grandma would love and spring for some chocolate-covered strawberries instead.

Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Buy at Aldi for Less Than $10

It’s that time of year again … the day when we express our love by, well, buying stuff. Cards, flowers, candy … it’s all an expression of what your sweetheart means to you on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re feeling big on love but short on money this Feb. 14, Aldi has you covered.

Here’s a selection of Valentine’s Day Gifts you can pick up at Aldi for less than $10 each!

Potted Kalanchoes – $3.99

Aldi has been bringing us new, mini succulent collections for every holiday here lately, and they are not disappointing us for Valentine’s Day. These flowering succulents are know for their long-lasting blooms.

10-Stem Tulip Bouquets – $4.89

These 10-stem tulip bouquets are a great value at about $5 each! Pick up more than one to make her Valentine’s Day gift extra luxe.

Dozen Roses – $9.99

Those who want to go the more traditional floral route will also find your classic dozen roses at Aldi for Valentine’s Day.

Dove Milk Chocolate Truffle Heart Tin – $8.99

If your Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a heart-shaped box of chocolates, Aldi has several options under $10. This tin from Dove has 6.5-ounces of heart-shaped truffles.

Choceur Assorted Chocolates Heart Box – $3.99

Here’s another heart-shaped box of chocolates option — this Aldi brand box includes assorted types of candies.

Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Hearts – $3.49

The box may not be heart-shaped, but the candies inside are. This is a fun box with a variety of truffle flavors and designs.

The Cheesecake Factory Decadent Desserts – $2.99

If dessert is more your Valentine’s style, these decadent desserts from The Cheesecake Factory would be a fun Valentine’s Day treat. Two flavors — Chocolate Black-Out and Vanilla Fudge Duet — are available. Each box contains two desserts.

Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty – $6.99

If you’re within driving distance to an Aldi that sells alcohol, Petit Chocolate Wine Specialty is the perfect adult beverage for Valentine’s Day…and it’s only $6.99 a bottle!

Aldi describes their chocolate wine as a red wine blended with dark chocolate flavor and the finest cream, pairing well with all kinds of chocolate creations and ice creams. We think this would be a great base for a chocolate martini!

These Aldi Valentine’s Day Gifts will allow you to treat your sweetheart without breaking the bank. In fact, these are such great values, he or she won’t even know you went the economical route this year.

And if you don’t have a Valentine?

Well, friends, in that case, treat yourself! Flowers and a box of truffles for less than $10? Sounds like a great night in to us!

What are you buying from Aldi for Valentine’s Day? Share your finds in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group.

10+ cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boys who might not be into the heart necklaces and sparkly cards.

Valentine’s Day has a tendency to skew all lace and hearts and traditionally “girly” stuff, so as a mom of boys, I wanted to find some cool gifts just for them. Well, not just for them, because I know a lot of girls would like these too.

Gender stereotypes aside, these are just cool Valentine’s Day gifts that I know my own video-game-loving, sports-playing, music-listening kids would like.

Whether you’re an all-out, big-budget Valentine’s gift person or you just want a little something to make your kids feel a little extra loved, we have found some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for boys.

And for what it’s worth, when I asked my 14-year-old son what he thought teen boys would want for Valentine’s Day, he just said, “Candy.”

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