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David Chang Is Introducing Chicken Fingers to the Menu at Fuku

David Chang Is Introducing Chicken Fingers to the Menu at Fuku

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David Chang’s new fried chicken spot, Fuku, will soon debut all-white chicken fingers

If there’s anyone we would trust with crafting the perfect chicken finger, it’s David Chang.

Momofuku maven David Chang is testing out his fast food skills.Chang will introduce all-white chicken fingers to the menu at his brand-new chicken spot, Fuku, which opened last month, just below Stuyvesant Town in New York City, on First Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets.

Chang teased his fried chicken fans by posting a “trailer” for the upcoming chicken fingers on Instagram, which features a piece of the soon-to-be chicken finger being dipped into some sort of green sauce in slow-mo. One can only guess what kinds of condiments will be available for the tasty fingers, but we think that the green sauce is either a salsa verde or cilantro sauce.

Right now, Fuku only offers an $8 spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and a salad, although it does have a yet-unused liquor license. The chicken sandwich packs quite the punch, but we imagine that the kid-friendly chicken fingers will be a bit milder.

Would you try out David Chang’s chicken fingers?

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