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Strawberry jam recipe with ginger

Strawberry jam recipe with ginger

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Strawberry jam recipe Because this year's own production broke the record, in addition to the classic jam, we combined strawberries with other flavors. So, I made this wonderful ginger jam. The strawberry-ginger combination is great, it's worth a try. The ginger aroma adds flavor to the jam, and the sweet-spicy taste is unmistakable. This jam will go great in winter and with a steak.

  • Strawberry jam recipe
  • 3kg strawberries,
  • 1kg old,
  • 100-200g fresh ginger

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Strawberry jam recipe with ginger:

Strawberry jam recipe

Strawberries are washed and cleaned of tails. Bring to a boil a cup of water in a special jam pan. Boil until the syrup begins to drop and thicken. At this point add the sugar.

The ginger is cleaned and put on the large grater. After the sugar has melted and the jam begins to set, add the ginger.

When the jam is quite bound, take it off the heat and, hot, put it in sterilized jars. Close tightly with lids and put in beds until completely cooled, then store in the pantry.

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